Since the 1970s, Emergency Ice has been around to help restaurants, event planners, caterers, and individual consumers in the Dallas/Fort Worth area with all of their ice needs. We’re happy to announce that Emergency Ice is now in Waco! Kileen, Temple, and other areas surrounding Waco can now enjoy the benefits of crushed, dry, block, cubed ice, snow parties, and snow cone supplies at a moment’s notice.

Catering to All Your Ice Needs


Got a catering emergency and need lots of ice transported for cold food presentation? Want to

give a winter wonderland-themed party, even when there’s no snow in the forecast? Need an elegant ice sculpture for that black-tie gala or wedding reception? Did your ice machine break and are you on the brink of full-scale mutiny in your restaurant or bar?

Emergency Ice can provide immediate service within the hour, and we can deliver thousands of pounds of ice cubes so your bar or restaurant can stay open and continue to serve customers. Choose cocktail ice to perfectly compliment those fine spirits and professionally mixed beverages.

We offer blocks of ice up to 300 pounds, 10-, 20- and 35-pound bags of ice, and other varieties such as dry ice, and snow by the pound. Use our event ice calculator to make sure you don’t go overboard, but also have more than enough ice to last for your entire event.

Emergency Ice has everything you need to make your next event a major success that your guests won’t soon forget, and now Waco and surrounding areas can join in on the fun.

Get Creative with Emergency Ice

Remember that time on Friends when Phoebe and Monica were planning a surprise birthday party and Monica took charge of everything, leaving only cups and ice for Phoebe? Phoebe didn’t sulk and just go to the nearest gas station for a couple of bags of ice. No, she got creative with crushed, shaved, dry and cubed ice and even a snow cone machine!

With Emergency Ice a phone call away, you can get creative too! Try snow-cones as an addition to your next tailgate party. We’ll provide the ice, flavor syrups and supplies. Purchase a shot block for your Super Bowl party and pour ice cold shots directly into your guests’ mouths. Take it a step further and have your shot block carved into a sculpture that cools drinks before being served. Create a dazzling effect for a Texas winter wedding or simply have a good old-fashioned snowball fight with our snow party service. We can even design snow slides or utilize a hill on your property for sledding fun.

Whether your need is as big as 40,000 pounds or just a few bags for small gathering, Emergency Ice is there for you. We’ll deliver to you, or you can feel free to come to one of our convenient locations. We have been proudly providing prompt, efficient and professional service to North Texas, Waco and surrounding areas for over four decades, and we are ready and able to meet your all of your ice needs. Contact us today!

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