How Do We Make Artificial Snow?

Artificial Snow for snow parties

Human-made snow, also called technical or artificial snow, has become a staple in winter celebrations and sports, particularly in regions where natural snowfall is unpredictable or insufficient for a long and reliable ski season. 

The invention and refinement of snowmaking have been game-changers for the ski industry and outdoor enthusiasts, but its most fun use probably lies in seasonal or holiday snow parties. Let’s explore how human-made snow is created, the technology behind it, the environmental considerations, and its impact on winter fun!

The Science of Snowmaking

Snowmaking mimics the natural process of snowfall, which requires precise conditions to be effective. Natural snow forms when moisture in the atmosphere cools and crystallizes around particles in the air, falling to the ground as snowflakes. 

To create snow artificially, snow guns or cannons spray a mist of water and compressed air into the air, which freezes, and falls as snow.

The Ingredients of Artificial Snow

There are two key ingredients in snowmaking: water and air. The compressed air serves a dual purpose: it helps atomize the water into fine droplets, and the expansion of the compressed air releases energy, which cools the droplets rapidly, encouraging them to freeze before they hit the ground.

The Machinery: Snow “Guns”

Snow guns come in various shapes and sizes but operate on the same basic principle. They may be positioned overhead or along ski runs and are often movable to target specific areas. There are two main types:

Fan Guns

Fan guns use an electric fan to propel water out of the nozzle and into the air, with an outer ring of nozzles spraying compressed air to aid in atomization and cooling.

Air-Water Guns

Air-water guns combine water and compressed air within the gun and spray the whole mixture. These depend more on colder temperatures since they don’t have a fan to aid the cooling process.

The Process of Snowmaking

Whether we provide snow for a kid’s party or formal event, the snowmaking process is the same. We turn on the snow guns when the temperature drops to about 28°F (-2°C) or lower. The exact temperature required can vary depending on humidity and the type of snow gun used. Lower humidity allows for snowmaking at higher temperatures because the dry air enhances its evaporation and cooling.

As the mist from the snow guns rises, it starts to freeze. Ideally, the droplets should be small enough to freeze completely before they land. Once on the ground, this snow has a higher moisture content and is denser than natural snow. For example, this can be beneficial as a base layer on the slopes because it lasts longer and resists melting.

The Future of Snowmaking

Technological advancements are continuously being made in snowmaking equipment, with a strong focus on increasing efficiency and reducing environmental impact. Innovations include automated snow guns that adjust to changing weather conditions and use GPS and software to optimize snow coverage and conserve resources.

The industry is also looking toward alternative water sources, like reclaimed wastewater, to reduce the impact on natural water bodies. Research into less energy-intensive methods of snow production is also underway, with some promising developments in using liquid nitrogen or other refrigerants to create snow without the need for compressed air.

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