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Convenient Ice Delivery In Dallas-Fort Worth Texas

We thrive on the recommendations of our happy customers, and we strive to ensure every ice delivery arrives on-time and as expected. Will this be your first time ordering ice? Don’t worry, we’re here to help with advice on the amount of ice you need, the shape or type that would work best for you, and the best time to deliver the ice for your event.

Out of Ice?

Are you the owner of a business with commercial ice needs? Emergency Ice is your leading ice supplier in Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas, provide a wide range of ice products. From carving blocks to cocktail ice and everything in between, our ice products are diverse and suitable for virtually every ice need. Do you require ice at the last minute? Emergency Ice offer 24/7 ice delivery. Would you like to arrange regular ice delivery for your business? We’ll set up a reliable and hassle-free schedule of ice delivery service for your North Texas organization or business.

All Ice Services

We Provide Ice Delivery Services 24 Hours A Day, 7 Days A Week

Every ice delivery with Emergency Ice comes with professional and courteous attention and a true dedication to exceptional customer service. We can even deliver ice in just an hour! Some of the ice products we can deliver include:

  • Bulk Ice (Sold by the pallet)
  • Carving Blocks (300lb Clear Blocks)
  • Dry Ice (10lb slices and ‘popcorn’ pellets)
  • Ice Merchandisers (Various Sizes)
  • Ice Trailers (53 foot-22 pallets; 24 foot-10 pallets; Bulk Wagon-4 pallets; Event Wagon- 2 pallets; Event Trailer- 1 Pallet)
  • Packaged Ice (10lb; 20lb; 35lb)
  • Snow Ice ( Packaged or blown)

Do you have a special request? Our experienced team can put together a swift ice delivery whether you need one of our popular deliveries, like bulk ice and bagged ice, or you have a last-minute request for snow ice for an exciting snow party. If your ice machine is down, our reliable team can create a custom solution for you.

Our Ice Facility Produces Over 500 Tons Of Ice A Day

Our production facilities adhere to the industry standard set forth by the International Packaged Ice Association.  We are independently audited by NSF and regularly test our product by an independent lab for product safety and integrity.  We are the choice for peace of mind!

Our Goal:

Ice Delivery Supplier

Being a family owned ice delivery business, we understand the importance of appreciating our customers and supplying their needs in a prompt, efficient, and professional manner; no matter what the occasion may require. By applying this philosophy and successfully meeting our customers’ needs, Emergency Ice, Inc. has grown and acquired 70 delivery trucks, multiple ice production facilities, and been able to provide unmatched ice services to the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex and the Central Texas area for five decades.

A Premiere Ice

75combined years of experience

Ice Supplier For Special Events In Dallas-Fort Worth Texas

We have provided ice deliveries to residents and businesses of Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas, for almost four decades, and we’ve gained a wealth of knowledge during that time. When you request our ice services, rest easy that our team is here to provide you with an easy and worry-free ice delivery. Here are some of the ways we can deliver your ice:

  1. Trucks – We have trucks that range from 8 ft to 24 ft and can store up to 20,000 pounds
  2. Semi trailers – We can deliver ice in a 50-foot truck
  3. Special event wagons – Our wagons boast 3,850 pounds of storage capacity
  4. Ice Merchandisers – Need 2,000 pounds of ice? Our ice merchandisers fit the bill

In addition to delivering ice in any one of these large delivery options, we also have ice trailers for any type of ice. Looking for where to buy block ice? We provide ice blocks in 10 pound, 50 pound, and 300-pound sizes.

Ice Delivery Near Me In DFW

We’re excited to work with you on your ice delivery whether you need a single, one-time ice delivery for your special event or festival, or you wish to set up regular ice deliveries for your business. Contact us today to see how we can fulfill your ice delivery in Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas.

Frequently Asked Questions About Ice Delivery

Emergency Ice provides ice delivery in Dallas, Fort Worth, ArlingtonFrisco, and McKinney. If you are located in the Dallas Fort Worth metro area, we can deliver the ice products you need. If you are close to these areas but not sure if we deliver to your location, contact us; we would be glad to help you.

It can be difficult to determine the amount of ice needed for events, parties, or any business. We have a simple tool to help. Go to our Event Ice Calculator page and fill in the fields to find out a close approximation for the number of pounds of ice you will need.

To contact us to schedule an ice delivery service or for emergency ice (1-hour ice delivery), you can contact us by phone at 972.9880577 or complete our short contact form.

At Emergency Ice, we have a production capacity of over 500 tons of ice per day. We also have the staff and transportation necessary to deliver large amounts of ice. We have ice delivery trucks that range from 8 feet to 24 feet with a capacity of 20,000 pounds, but we can handle more by using more than one truck for larger orders.

At Emergency Ice, we are dedicated to providing as many necessary ice products Texas businesses and consumers need. We provide packaged ice, cocktail ice, block ice/carving blocks, concrete ice, dry ice, ice sculptures, ice trailers, snow ice, and shot blocks.

Yes, we have decades of experience providing ice products and ice delivery for special events of all sizes. Emergency Ice has been the ice company for all types of events throughout Dallas and Fort Worth areas. We have provided event ice services for well-known events such as PGA Golf Tournaments, NCAA Sporting Events, College Football Games, State Fairs, local festivals, school events, church events, concerts, and much more.

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