Making the Most of Bagged Ice During a Texas Winter


As Texans, we know how rough our winters can be when an arctic cold front blows through. Temperatures can plummet below freezing and create a freezing mess in no time at all.

While the cold may not seem like the best time to stock up on bagged ice, there are many reasons to make use of this resource when the temperature dips. 

Yes, we just said goodbye to a large coldfront, but we all know another is on the horizon. Let’s take look at some creative ways you can use bagged ice to stay safe and comfortable until the sun comes back out.

Use Ice for Emergency Cooling

Bagged ice is essential for emergency cooling. During a winter storm, you may be without refrigeration for an extended period. A couple bags of ice can save your food from spoiling. Place them strategically around your refrigerator and cooler to preserve perishables. This will prevent wasting food and stop you from eating unsafe spoiled foods. 

Make Clean Melted Ice Water  

Drinking water may be compromised during a weather emergency. Tap water could be unsafe due to pressure changes in the pipes. Keeping some stored water is wise, but you can also melt clean ice for drinking and cooking. 

Ice from sealed bags we deliver is safe to ingest after melted. Set bags in a sink or tub to collect the drained water as it melts. Have jugs or pitchers ready to hold the fresh water. This gives your family safe hydration if regular water service is interrupted.

Chill Medication Sensitive to Warm Temperatures

Some medications can lose potency or degrade if left unrefrigerated for too long. If you rely on temperature-sensitive prescriptions, bagged ice can extend their shelf life in a power outage or while on the road.

Consult your pharmacist or prescription instructions for proper temperature requirements. Then use ice to create a chilled zone for medications that need to stay cool. 

Make Gel Ice Packs for First Aid

Here is a simple way to make instant cold gel packs with bagged ice. Take a zip-top plastic bag and fill it halfway with ice. Add just enough water to cover the ice, then seal the bag most of the way. As the ice melts, massage the bag to incorporate the water evenly. 

Once the ice is floating in water inside the bag, zip it closed the rest of the way. Wrap these improvised gel packs in towels and use them on injuries or sore muscles. The gel consistency stops the ice from freezing solid again too quickly.

Make Snow Cones and Icy Drinks

If you’re wanting a great way to get crafty with ice, treat your family to snow cones and icy drinks made with bagged ice. 

Crush or shave ice using a blender or cheese grater. Create mounds in cups and let everyone pick their own toppings like fruit juice, chocolate sauce, sweetened condensed milk, or flavored syrups. For an adult slushy cocktail, mix crushed ice with bourbon, Amaretto, and your choice of mixers. Icy drinks provide a fun morale boost during a stressful weather event.

Get Emergency Ice Delivered in Fort Worth 

When wintry Texans need more ice than the grocery store provides, Emergency Ice can help. We are a bagged ice delivery company serving the Fort Worth area. 

Emergency Ice delivers bulk ice for every event, from a winter storm to a summer wedding. Preparedness is our middle name. 

Contact us when you need any ice brought to your home or business.

Shop our selection of bagged ice products online and schedule delivery at your convenience.  Get the quantities you need, when you need it.

Contact us and choose your ice today. Be ready for anything in Texas with reliable ice delivery from Emergency Ice!

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