Dry Ice Delivery

Looking where to buy dry ice for your next event? Emergency Ice, Inc. is your experienced and reliable dry ice supplier in Dallas & Fort Worth, Texas. We can deliver dry ice to your huge holiday extravaganza, or we can help you create a fun and magical experience with a dry ice delivery for your child’s birthday party.

You can view/download our dry ice Safety Data Sheet here.

What Is Dry Ice?

You’ve probably heard of dry ice before and its use in food storage and processing, but you may not realize its usefulness for entertainment purposes. Dry ice is solid carbon dioxide that’s stored at a temperature more than 109 degrees below zero. One of the reasons vendors use dry ice is that it offers cooling at a temperature that’s lower than water-based ice, and there’s no need for cleanup after the dry ice has evaporated.

Not only does dry ice reduce the need for waterproof or water-resistant storage, but it also provides longer cooling. Many commercial industries use dry ice, and with our ice delivery, we can provide your commercial-use dry ice in any quantity. We can also provide dry ice for small, consumer-oriented needs.

Wondering how to make dry ice? The process requires specialized equipment that only a chemist or ice products company can use. Contact us if you would like to learn more about the manufacturing process.

What Is Dry Ice Used For?

Dry Ice can serve multiple purposes in various industries. Although, it is commonly used for cooling and freezing purposes such as food preservation, shipping and logistics, medical and pharmaceutical, and scientific research. Additionally, dry ice can be used for special effects for entertainment or educational purposes.

Here are a few ways dry ice can be used in the commercial industry:

  • Food storage and distribution for gifts, vending machines, and home delivery.
  • Catering for the airline industry where food must remain cold for hours or days.
  • Biomedical projects that feature research and laboratory work.
  • Manufacturing like shrink metal fitting, deflashing plastic, and pressurizing.

We also act as a dry ice supplier for consumer needs like:

The Benefits Of Working With A Dry Ice Supplier

While you can choose any dry ice supplier, it’s essential to understand the behavior of dry ice after it’s been packed. In many environments, dry ice loses 10 percent of its lifespan each day, which means the dry ice you buy that must be sent through the mail to you might lose a substantial portion of its lifespan before it even reaches you. Working with Emergency Ice as your dry ice supplier means never having to worry about whether your dry ice is old or has lost its potency. We offer dry ice delivery to clients and customers around the Dallas region, and we’ll make sure your dry ice is fresh and new and ready for your special event, business needs, or manufacturing project.

Let Emergency Ice Assist With Your Dry Ice Delivery

Dry Ice delivery in Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas, is easy when you contact us. We’ll arrange a one-time dry ice delivery for your surprise birthday party, or we’ll arrange regular delivery of dry ice for your business needs. Not sure how much dry ice you need? Don’t worry; we’ll make sure you have the right amount of dry ice and that it’s delivered on time, every time. Get in touch today to see how we can help with your emergency ice delivery or dry ice needs.

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