Portable Freezer Rental

Portable freezers and ice trailers are an excellent way to keep foods fresh and ice solid for hours. However, not every event or business has the capability of turning to a large, permanent freezer when they need one.

Ice trailers and portable freezer rentals serve as an affordable alternative to investing in long-term freezer storage. While the team at Emergency Ice is known for our ice products and dry ice deliveries, we also provide ice trailer and portable freezer rentals to our customers in the surrounding areas in Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas.

Need A Portable Freezer For Your Special Event?

Whether you are hosting a wedding, corporate gathering, or an outdoor celebration, Emergency Ice offers reliable and efficient freezing solutions to meet your special events needs. Contact Emergency Ice in Texas today!

Ice Trailer & Portable Freezer Rental In Dallas-Fort Worth

Emergency Ice can provide ‘convenience store’ grade ice trailer rentals for events that require multiple ice storage freezers on-site. Our ice trailer and portable freezer rentals each have a capacity of up to 2,000 lbs and can meet the cooling needs of any client we serve.

Convenience Trailer

Our convenience trailer is a spacious double-door freezer with a 2,000lb capacity. It requires 12 Amps of electricity to operate and measures 10 feet in length and 6 feet in width. Additional if features a convenient side door for easy access.

Emergency Ice convenience trailer
Convenience Trailer

Event Trailer

Emergency Ice event trailer offers a back door for easy loading and unloading. It operates with 20 Amps and spans 12 feet in length by 8 feet in width.

Emergency Ice - event trailer
Event Trailer

The Boss Event Trailer

The boss event trailer is powered on diesel and has approximately 10,000lb capacity and a 15-foot length and 10-foot wide. Available for roll-up and back up door access.

Emergency Ice - Boss trailer and pickup truck for ice delivery and service
Boss Trailer

Pup Trailer

The pup trailer has a capacity of 32,000lbs and runs on Diesel-32 foot in length and 10 foot wide with a backdoor access.

Emergency Ice - Pup Trailer - Ice service and delivery
Pup Trailer

Full Size Trailer

Our full size trailer has a capacity of 40,000lbs and runs on Diesel-53 foot length 10 foot wide with back door access.

Emergency Ice - Full Size Trailer - Tractor Trailer Ice Delivery and Service
Full Size Trailer

Multiple Bar Events

Emergency Ice can provide ‘convenience store’ merchandisers for events that require multiple ice storage freezers for an event. Each merchandiser has a capacity up to 2,000lbs. Our experienced staff will size accordingly.

Fully Staffed Events

For an additional cost, Emergency Ice can provide a logistics team to service large special events. A viable option for the operator who has more pressing operational requirements. Use our Event Ice Calculator to find out the amount of ice needed for your event

We Meet Your Portable Freezer Storage Requirements

When you rent a portable freezer from Emergency Ice, you’re guaranteed quality merchandisers that seamlessly fit into your available storage space.

Meeting storage requirements and safety regulations is essential for any event or commercial entity that must abide by them.

Portable freezer rentals are an excellent opportunity for events and industries that require:

Why Choose Emergency Ice For Your Ice Trailer Rental?

Renting a portable freezer from Emergency Ice comes with several benefits that not every rental company offers.

With each service we provide, we put our customers first. Trust us to make your freezer rental a stress-free experience that keeps your event flowing.

Flexible Freezer Rental Periods

Whether you need your freezer for a single day or even a few months, Emergency Ice offers flexible rental periods that guarantee you’ll meet your freezer needs for an allotted period of time.

Affordable Freezer Rentals

Our rental rates are among the most competitive in Texas. Reach out to us today so we can help you determine the size and number of freezers you’ll need for your event. From there, we’ll provide you with an accurate quote that we guarantee won’t break your budget.

Hassle-Free Freezer Rental Delivery

Our team always surveys your delivery site before bringing in your equipment. Once we know where your portable freezers need to be, we will schedule an unintrusive delivery that includes on-site installation and testing to ensure the quality of your rental units.

Efficient Freezer Servicing

Our dedicated team goes the extra mile to guarantee the functionality and reliability of our freezer rentals. We ensure that all of our freezers operate at peak efficiency throughout your rental period.

Keep Your Essentials Cool, With Portable Freezer Rentals From Emergency Ice

Whether you are hosting a large community event or require a portable freezer to help start up a new commercial venture, the team at Emergency Ice is ready to step in and help.

Over the last 50 years, we have served as Dallas-Fort Worth’s first choice for ice deliveries and ice product rentals. Trust us to bring professionalism and quality products to any service we provide.

Contact us today to schedule your portable freezer rental or next bulk ice delivery in Texas.

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