Essential Ice Hacks for Power Outages and Snowstorms


The wind howls outside, snow swirls against the windows, and the lights flicker… then vanish. A power outage during a blizzard is the stuff nightmares are made of. But fear not, fellow winter warriors! We’ve got your back to brave the storm with these icy survival tips:

Ice Chest Arsenal

Treat your ice chest like a life raft. Pack it with dense, tightly packed food items like frozen meats, cheeses, and yogurt. Space optimization is key — use those Tetris skills here!

Don’t just dump food in, layer it with generous helpings of bagged ice. Think lasagna: layered with frozen peas, ice, then ground beef, ice, and sauce. Every layer of ice buys you precious cooling time.

Smaller coolers can become dedicated “mini-missions” for specific items. Milk and eggs are in one, and veggies and fruits are in another. Rotate them in and out of the main ice chest.

Ice Power-Ups

When the outage stretches into day two, deploy the heavy artillery — dry ice. Emergency Ice DFW can deliver this frosty superhero straight to your door, keeping food frozen for days longer than regular ice. Think pizzas, ice cream — and victory!

Turn everyday items into cooling allies. Freeze wet towels or gallon jugs of water to create makeshift ice packs — bonus points for wrapping them in towels or blankets for extra insulation.

If Mother Nature provides the blizzard, use it! Shovel snow into trash bags and pack them around your ice chests for an extra layer of frosty protection. Snow angels are cool, but snow insulation is cooler!

Tips to Remember

Before the snow flies, gather and freeze some water in gallon jugs. These icy giants will become invaluable backup cooling units when the power goes out.

Keep ice chests and coolers away from drafts and direct sunlight. A sheltered garage or basement makes the perfect hibernation spot for your frozen friends.

Charge and have readily available: A battery-powered radio for weather updates, flashlights with extra batteries, and portable phone chargers (power banks).

Stock up on non-perishable foods and bottled water: Ensure you have enough for at least three days, considering dietary needs and any medications that require refrigeration.

Insulate windows and doors: Use draft stoppers, blankets, or towels to prevent heat loss. Clear snow from around vents and exhaust pipes: Carbon monoxide poisoning can occur if these become blocked.

Unplug appliances to prevent damage: A power surge upon restoration can damage electronics.

Emergency Ice DFW | Your Ice Delivery Partners

With these ice hacks and Emergency Ice at your side, you’ll weather any blizzard or power outage like a seasoned warrior. Raise a (chilled) glass to resilience, resourcefulness, and the power of ice!

Be prepared with a stash of Emergency Ice – the ultimate weapon against food spoilage. Order your icy reinforcements today and face the frosty challenges with a confident smirk. Winter may come, but you’ll be ready to conquer it, one ice cube at a time. 

Contact us now to secure ice for your winter survival kit. Stay cool, stay safe, and remember, winter warriors, ice is your friend!

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