How Emergency Ice Can Help In A Power Outage


We rarely stop to appreciate the convenience of everyday appliances… until they stop working. A power outage or similar crisis leaves your refrigerator and electronics on life support, every passing minute, jeopardizing the safety of your food, medications, and more. You might scramble to find ice before it’s too late — but is regular ice really the best solution?

The Unexpected Value of Emergency Ice

When the power goes out, ice tends to be the first thing on our minds for keeping drinks cold. But Emergency Ice is a hero far beyond cocktails and sodas. Here’s why it should be a staple in your preparedness kit:

Protecting Perishables

The moment your refrigerator and freezer lose power, a race against time begins for your food. A large supply of Emergency Ice can turn into superhero armor. It works to extend the safe temperature range of your fridge for much longer than regular ice, helping prevent some food spoilage.

Your Emergency Refrigerator

Think of a large, high-quality cooler as your backup refrigerator. Pack it full of Emergency Ice, and you can safely move those particularly vulnerable food items into this temporary cold storage zone. Prioritize dairy products, meats, eggs, and anything prone to quick spoilage.

Food Safety First

The clock never stops ticking. No matter how much ice you have, the USDA advises discarding all refrigerated perishable foods (meat, poultry, fish, eggs, soft cheeses, leftovers, etc.) if they’ve been above 40°F for more than 4 hours.  A food thermometer should be your trusty sidekick – when in doubt, throw it out!

Additional Ice Considerations

  • Block ice melts slower than standard bagged ice, offering longer protection for your perishable items.
  • If you have a deep freezer, consider dry ice (remember to handle it with extreme caution!), as it can keep things frozen for an extended period.

Being prepared means protecting both your comfort and your family’s well-being. Make sure you have an ample supply of emergency ice on hand!

Step-by-Step Emergency Ice Deployment

  1. Anticipate Outages: Order blocks of ice ahead of forecasted storms or other potential power-disrupting events.
  2. Fill the Gaps: Top off your freezer with plenty of ice. The greater the ice supply, the slower it will melt and the longer it will keep things cold.
  3. Cooler Conversion: Pack your cooler with ice and transfer vulnerable refrigerated food items using a food thermometer to monitor temperatures.
  4. Limit Access: Minimize how frequently you open your refrigerator, freezer, and cooler. Every opening lets cool air out and accelerates the process.

Choose Emergency Ice For Ice Delivery You Can Count On

When chaos strikes, it’s comforting to know you’ve taken steps to keep things under control. Forget that sinking feeling of looking at spoiled food after a power outage.  Investing in a smart supply of ice protects your groceries and gives you precious peace of mind when unpredictable situations threaten the basics you rely on.

Though you can use regular ice from the store in a pinch, Emergency Ice is specifically formulated for outages.

  • Longer Lasting: Emergency ice lasts up to 50% longer than standard ice, due to its denser consistency.
  • Safer to Consume: Made from purified water, emergency ice is a sanitary choice for keeping food and even chilling drinks if your water supply is compromised.
  • Convenient Delivery: Get it delivered for the ultimate preparedness plan. No extra trips to the store!

Power outages can strike anytime in Texas. Are you ready? Prepare for unexpected power outages with our ice delivery services and keep your family safe and your food preserved by ordering your Ice supply today!  Let Emergency Ice be your lifeline during your next power outage in Dallas, Texas.

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