Benefits of Ordering Firewood Delivery Before Winter

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Firewood Delivery Texas

Emergency Ice is known for its efficient and reliable ice creation and delivery services. While we do love the cold and how comfortable our products keep people in the summer, we also provide services to clients who worry about facing a harsh winter after the sun fades away.

Fall has just arrived, and many business owners across the Dallas-Fort Worth area are already beginning to think about our firewood delivery services. What are the benefits of ordering early or ordering in general? Here’s a closer look at why so many businesses rely on our services year-round.

The Weather in Texas is Unpredictable

Remember the snowmageddon that hit us out of nowhere a few years back? Well those icy roads and inches of snow left many commercial and residential community members in need of emergency fire wood. 

Anticipating a warm winter is one of the biggest misconceptions that anyone can make about our local weather. Texas is unpredictable, so we are firm believers that it’s never too soon to start mass ordering firewood for the long fall and winter seasons

Mass Orders for the Winter are Simple

Ordering firewood in large quantities has never been easier or safer than with Emergency Ice. We understand that as a commercial location, you are going to need firewood in bulk for your customers. 

That’s why we offer our product by the pallet, just so you always know that you have more than enough stock. 

Our wood pallets come fully equipped with:

  • 70 bundles per pallet
  • 5-6 pieces of hearty wood per bundle
  • Approximately 16 inches long per piece of wood

The best part about ordering with us is, the wood is locally sourced, so you’re still giving back to the local economy.

Guaranteed Chemical-Free Burning

So much firewood that consumers can purchase at big-box stores contain chemicals that help boost the burn of the wood. Our firewood bundles are chemical-free and give consumers a smooth, natural flame that doesn’t emit unnecessary chemicals into the environment.

Don’t Travel to Collect Wood for Your Business

Many business owners feel like they have to make a trek to the countryside to find the best bundles of wood to sell at their locations. However, with Emergency Ice, the best natural cuts come to you!

Trust us to handle your order with safety as we continue to implement COVID-safe delivery within every product we offer to our customers.

Prepare for a Cooler Winter Now, With Emergency Ice

If your business is planning for a frosty winter, let us help provide the kindling for your fires. Whether you need to cool down or heat up, Emergency Ice is available to help you fulfill your commercial ice and firewood needs. Contact us today to schedule your next delivery.

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