So Many Uses For Ice Blocks

While most of us think of ice to chill our drinks or keep our foods cold while on the go, there are many different ice products, including an ice block, which can be used for many different things, especially in the summer! Although it is all frozen water, ice comes in so many different forms, which is why there are so many uses.

You put ice in your drinks; from cocktails to sweet iced tea, your favorite cold beverage wouldn’t be the same without the frozen chill of the ice cubes. Before the invention of refrigeration and freezers, none of our food would last longer than a day or so before it went bad, even in restaurants. Ice blocks have played a big part in preserving food, chilling our drinks, and cooling us down. Smaller pieces of ice, like what we use on a daily basis, don’t last that long; the smaller the size, the quicker it melts. But, since blocks of ice are so large in size, it preserves itself because it takes so much longer to melt when it is a larger mass.

As your Dallas-Fort Worth ice company, we provide more than just cube ice delivery. We also supply ice blocks to local businesses as well as individuals. We sell our ice products at local establishments, we deliver ice to restaurants and bars, and we set up stands and supply ice at local events and festivities around DFW. Although cubes may be the most popular of our ice products, ice blocks can serve many purposes in the Texas summer heat and all year-round.

Ice blocks are ideal for:

  •  Preserving food and beverages when refrigeration space is limited or not available at all.
  •  Restaurants and bars when their freezers are broken or being cleaned.
  •  Outdoor events when it is very warm and ice cubes will melt way too fast.
  •  Keeping large bowls of punch ice cold when you don’t want small ice cubes to melt too quickly and water it down.
  •  Creating your own design from an ice block; ice sculptures are very popular and don’t necessarily need to be large; you can create small pieces of art out of traditional sized blocks of ice.
  •  Cooling down you pool; once temperatures reach the mid-to-upper 90’s in Texas our pool water gets a bit too warm, so throw in a few blocks of ice and you can bring the temperature of your pool back to a comfortable cooling level.
  •  Science projects and classroom experiments; block ice, as well as dry ice is popular for science classrooms and individual projects of all kinds.
  •  Cooling down when the air conditioner breaks; while you’re waiting for your AC repair man to fix your air conditioner, set up a fan to blow against some blocks of ice and it will help cool down a room.

Emergency Ice doesn’t just stand for emergency ice delivery when your restaurant’s ice machine breaks or your store runs out of ice bags; it also stands for ice block delivery for last minute food preservation, fun and design, cooling down your pool or home, and education through science projects and experiments. Can you think of any other uses for ice blocks? We want you to share your ideas with us and our followers on Facebook and Twitter.

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