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Emergency Ice stands out as the premier ice supplier for bars and restaurants in Dallas and Fort Worth. Our exceptional ice delivery services ensure that businesses never run out of ice. With a commitment to quality and care, we provide a variety of ice products tailored to meet the unique demands of the hospitality industry.

You can always trust Emergency Ice to keep your operations running smoothly, with our one-hour ice delivery services. We help make sure your customers are always receiving their drinks perfectly chilled.

Out of Ice?

Are you the owner of a bar, or a restaurant and need ice now? Emergency Ice offer 24/7 ice delivery. We’ll set up a reliable and hassle-free schedule of ice delivery service for your North Texas organization or business. Emergency Ice the leading ice supplier in Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas. We provide a wide range of ice products, from carving blocks to cocktail ice and everything in between, our ice products are diverse and suitable for virtually everything.

Ice Products

Need Special Types Of Cocktail Ice?

It is common knowledge that everyone has different preferences when it comes to the types of drinks that we consume. At Emergency Ice, we believe in embracing the different choices that people make, and that is why we have taken the initiative to offer different shapes of cocktail ice based on customer orders. Different shaped cocktail ice is a current trend that has surfaced in social events across the nation from nightclubs to family barbecues. There seems to be an ice tray that will make ice for any holiday or occasion, and we at Emergency Ice are prepared to supply your restaurant or bar with the shape you desire in bulk.

Our ice products can be ordered in bulk so you won’t have to worry about running out of ice and having to serve room-temperature drinks to your guests. We have a variety of ice that we can provide, so call us today to find out about pricing and what we can do to make your shift run smoothly and keep your customers happy.

Our Featured Ice Products

For over 50 years, we’ve cultivated a reputation for providing hassle-free ice delivery services across North Texas. From blocks of ice used at weddings to ice bags used at county fairs, our ice delivery services are designed to give you easy access to ice at any time of the day or night. 

Here are the ice products we proudly deliver to Dallas, Waco, and every community in between.

  • 16 lb packages
  • 30 lb packages
  • Carving Blocks (300 lb)
  • Block Ice (10 lb snow cone block ice)
  • Cocktail Ice
  • Concrete Ice
  • Dry Ice
  • Ice Trailers
  • Ice Sculptures
  • Shot Blocks
  • Snow Ice
  • Snow Parties
Our Goal:

Ice Delivery Supplier

Being a family owned ice delivery business, we understand the importance of appreciating our customers and supplying their needs in a prompt, efficient, and professional manner; no matter what the occasion may require. By applying this philosophy and successfully meeting our customers’ needs, Emergency Ice, Inc. has grown and acquired 70 delivery trucks, multiple ice production facilities, and been able to provide unmatched ice services to the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex and the Central Texas area for five decades.

A Premiere Ice

50+years of experience

Portable Freezer Rental Options

Is your business hosting an event and requires an ice trailer? Whether you are hosting an outdoor celebration or a public event, Emergency Ice offers a wide range of ice trailer rentals. Portable freezers are an excellent way to keep foods fresh and drinks chilled for hours.

Our freezer rentals provide the convenience and flexibility to keep everything well-preserved. Our ice trailers and portable freezer rentals ensure that you have the necessary cooling capacity, no matter the scale of your event. 

Why Choose Emergency Ice As Your Ice Distributor

Ready to secure a reliable ice distributor for your bar or restaurant? We understand the critical role ice plays in your establishment, and running out of ice is not an option for your business. Our team is committed to providing quality, 24/7 ice delivery services to ensure you have access to ice when you need it.

Whether you run a small bar or a large restaurant, we provide customized ice delivery solutions that fit your specific demands. Our flexible ice delivery schedules and scalable supply options ensure you get exactly what you need.

Contact Emergency Ice today and learn why we are the trusted choice ice distributor in Dallas-Fort Worth Texas. Let us help you keep your drinks perfectly chilled and your customers happy.

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Being a family owned ice delivery business, we understand the importance of appreciating our customers and supplying their needs in a prompt, efficient, and professional manner; no matter what the occasion may require.

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