How Ice Delivery Is Essential During a Pandemic

Essential ice delivery

Essential ice deliveryThe essentials have truly become essential during the global pandemic we are all living through right now. While hospitals, financial institutions, and certain service industries strive to help keep our lives comfortable, our team is here to remind the communities we serve that we’re here to help!

The simplicity of water forming into ice may not seem like an essential need on the surface, but it is, in fact, an essential that helps on several fronts of the new normal.

Ice Makers Only Go So Far at Home

Many homeowners are under long shelter in place mandates that could continue if cases of the virus continue to rise. Most modern refrigerator units come with a built-in ice maker. However, sometimes units malfunction, ice “goes bad,” or the energy bill it creates is excessive.

When things begin to go wrong for a home under quarantine, even the smallest of issues can add up. Trust an ice delivery service to get your family the cubes it needs to keep food and drink cool and safe.

Delivery can Be Contact-Free

One of the biggest movements to come out of the fight against COVID-19 is social distancing and contact-free delivery. From the creation of your ice to the actual delivery of our product, our team ensures that our system is safe and contact-free.

When you make an order with our company, you can guarantee that you’re getting ice that is fresh from its source; and the best part is, socialization is minimal to none for your delivery.

Ice is a Necessity on the Front Lines

Our services go hand-in-hand with other essential industries at this time. In fact, ice is an essential means to ensuring important services are able to be accomplished.


Especially now, resources at hospitals are a hot commodity, and one of the most common resources a hospital has is ice. The average hospital actually consumes around 10 pounds of ice per day, per patient. From hydration needs to reducing swelling, and even helping to preserve lost limbs, ice is a daily essential that the medical industry can’t afford to lose.

Traveling Medication

Social distancing means that many people who need medication aren’t planning on driving to the pharmacy to pick it up. Many people have already implemented prescription deliveries before the pandemic hit.

Several medications require refrigeration, and ice helps keep their temperature regulated during prescription deliveries.

Grocery Preservation

Although many restaurants aren’t offering dine-in services at this time, grocery preservation is essential to them not losing valuable products and allowing them to meet their delivery needs. Large amounts of ice help restaurants in the Dallas-Fort Worth area store their perishables effectively and allow them to serve their customers whenever possible at this time.

Stay Safe and Stay Cool During COVID-19 With Emergency Ice

Times are uncertain these days, but one thing that is certain is that Emergency Ice puts our communities first. Trust us to ensure your ice is safely delivered on time. We travel cautiously so you don’t have to. Stay inside, stay safe, and help us flatten the curve. Above all, remember, Emergency Ice is always here to help when you need it so feel free to reach out to us anytime.

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