Meeting Your Food Truck Ice Needs

The food truck industry has taken storm across Texas and the United States; specifically in Dallas, there are hundreds of food trucks roaming around town. From downtown to Addison to North Dallas, Arlington and every point in between, there is likely a rolling meal machine to satisfy every hungry Texan around. To keep the fresh foods for prepping cold and refreshing beverages chilled, Emergency Ice is dedicated to providing food truck ice products that help keep our local small businesses moving and grooving.


Dallas Ice Products for Food Trucks

From tasty taco trucks to rolling burger makers to delighting dessert trucks, every food truck owner has specific ingredients that make their delicious dish unique, and to be able to serve their customers their favorite menu item, many food and ingredients on hand need to be kept cold or even frozen prior to cooking. For the on the go cuisine market, making every customer happy by providing them healthy and freshly prepared eats and treats is highly important. With blocks of ice from Emergency Ice, your food truck can save freezer space and keep all your perishable food items chilled for hours throughout the day. Ice blocks can also be stored in coolers to keep other items cold when you run out of space in regular freezer storage space of the truck.

Expand Your Food Trucks Freezer Storage Space

If you also provide beverages on your food truck, you are likely in need of bagged ice or even large quantities of ice cubes to keep the bottled waters and sodas chilled for your customers. Many food trucks, especially older trucks, aren’t able to run all of their refrigeration systems constantly while they are parked to serve customers; therefore, having a front display and storage with beverages on ice keeps them cold and allows customers to see what beverages you have to offer them.


Food Truck Dry Ice Use

Other food truck ice needs can be met with dry ice, which keeps food and other items much colder and frozen for a longer period of time. The use of dry ice in food trucks also reduces the amount of water that needs to be drained after ice blocks or cubes melt down throughout the day. Remember the safety precautions when using or handling dry ice; it is important to always wear protective gloves and to never have direct skin contact with dry ice.

Contact Emergency Ice and let us know the amount of dry ice you need!

Whether you are serving your famous burgers and fries, gourmet BBQ pulled pork, tasty tacos or delectable desserts from a food truck, your service location may be endless but your storage space is extremely limited. With proper, well thought out organization you can save a lot of space without risking the quality of your food and ingredients. As a big supporter of local small businesses, Emergency Ice is proud to help meet your food truck ice needs in Dallas, Fort Worth, and surrounding areas of Texas.

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