5 Cool Party Items to Make with Ice

Summer has unofficially arrived here in the DFW, and it’s time to tackle the outdoors and have some summertime parties! Whether it’s a backyard BBQ, a swim party, a child’s birthday or just some casual family time on your lawn, the summer is the best time to gather your loved ones and celebrate the weather. But when you’re out partying, don’t forget that you need to stay hydrated and keep cool. The perfect way to do that is with ice delivery and dry ice. So, if you’re ready to cool down and heat up your summer parties, check out these awesome party essentials that are made with ice.


Popsicles are warm weather essentials for people of all ages, and they don’t have to be choked full of sugary juice. Instead, opt to make your own delicious, refreshing, and healthy popsicles. It’s really simple and super easy to do. All you need is water, berries, a Popsicle mold and a freezer.

Ice Shot Glasses

Are you having an adult only summer party? Well, a surefire way to wow the crowd is with ice shot glasses. That’s right! You can make shot glasses with ice for an extra special twist. Just remember to keep them in the freezer until it’s time to use them. Don’t forget to plan for some fun drinks made with ice.

Learn How to Make Ice Shooters

Masquerade Masks

Masquerade masks aren’t just for masquerade balls anymore.  And when made with ice, these masks are ideal for any costume-themed party you may attend this summer, or even for just for fun while hanging by the pool.

How to DIY an Ice Masquerade Mask

Ice Lanterns

Lanterns are the perfect addition for a party in your backyard or in your home. Why not up the ante this summer with whimsical ice lanterns ? You can’t go wrong with lanterns made of ice, right! And not only are these lanterns effective, creating them is also a fun activity that is great for even the youngest person in your home.

Easy Ice Lanterns Tutorial

Decorative Ice Cubes

Regular ice cubes are boring. Spice up your guest’s cups with pretty ice cubes made with grapes or berries. With these specialty cubes, they will be greeted with a tasty treat once their drink is gone or the cubes melt. Either way, it is a win-win!

Berry ice cubes not your style? You can add eatable flowers like lavender or daylilies, too. Your guests can still add these to their drinks or you can fill up your drink tub with these beauties to keep your drinks and spirits cool.

How to Make Pretty Ice Cubes

Cool off Your Summer Parties with Emergency Ice

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