Fogging Up Your Halloween Festivities with Dry Ice

You may think that you have the perfect Halloween setup for your latest costume party or other fall festivity. Yes, carved pumpkins, the right costume, and creepy decorations can make a Halloween event one to talk about in remembrance until the next major holiday.

However, why stop at the standard Halloween event? Think back to the old Universal monster movies and consider what made some of the outdoor scenes so creepy.  You guessed it, the mist. By working with Emergency Ice, you can order dry ice delivery to add a little creep factor to some of these misting effects that we offer below.

1. Foggy Pumpkin Punch Bowl

Serving your party punch in an actual pumpkin bowl is already something that will be remembered for years to come. Kick your creativity up a notch by tossing in some dry ice at the bottom of your wicked concoction. This will add a sinister effect to the drink that will make it seem more like an odd science experiment than a standard party punch.

2. Create a Dry Ice Lake

Many homes in Dallas have a swimming pool that goes virtually unused during the Halloween season. If you are hosting a party this year you will want to use all of the space that you can, including your backyard.

The idea to drop some dry ice into your pool works especially well if you already have some mood lighting to go with the effect. You could create a lake of “ooze,” “vampire blood” or any other spooky theme that you can think of.

Remember to use the standard precautions about handling dry ice and warning your guests against taking a tempting dip into your pool of doom.

3. Scare Up your Hallway

For a natural fog effect, contact Emergency Ice for a supply of our dry ice to spice up your hallway. A fun idea to do is to create a creepy atmosphere that guests need to walk through in order to get into your party.  This is where you can go all out.

Halloween brings out creativity, so we recommend you use all of your best props to create a few creepy twists and turns leading into the party. Finish off the scare factor by dropping some dry ice in a few buckets that will make your home a haunted house.

Let Emergency Ice Make Your Halloween Chilling with Dry Ice Services

If you are looking for a way to make your Halloween gathering extra creepy, look no further than utilizing some dry ice effects into your decorations. We know that dry ice can be a tough medium to come by in Texas, and that is why Emergency Ice is committed to carrying out our dry ice deliveries to you.

If dry ice is something you are looking for, give us a call today and find out how we can add a little extra to your Halloween party.

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