Great Drinks Made Using Cocktail Ice

One facet of party planning that can transform your cocktail party from swell to swank is the addition of fun drinks made with cocktail ice from Emergency Ice. It’s common for couples today to choose “his and hers” drinks for their reception, and it’s also popular for couples hosting cocktail parties to create signature drinks for the occasion.

If you’re new to hosting cocktail parties, or you’re not sure what sort of specialty drinks your bartenders should serve, here are a few ideas you can consider for your gathering. None of these drinks will require complicated prep or significant knowledge in bar tending. Most only need a few ingredients and an ice delivery of cocktail ice.

The Screwdriver on Cocktail Ice

An essential cocktail you’ll want to add to virtually any cocktail party is the screwdriver. Simply made with equal parts of vodka and orange juice, this drink is something that just about everyone will enjoy, even if they don’t drink on a regular basis. To make a screwdriver, start by adding about 1.5 ounces of vodka to a highball glass, toss in a few pieces of ice, and finish the drink with some orange juice. Simple, delicious, and appealing to just about everyone!

Try The Greyhound on Ice

If your cocktail party is destined to become the event of the season – or you’d like it to be – you’ll definitely want to have the greyhound on your drink menu. This cocktail was popular during the 1960s when style and elegance were part of every cocktail party. Like a screwdriver, the greyhound needs no more than a few ounces of vodka and about five ounces of grapefruit juice. Add a little flair with a grapefruit peel to ramp up the style.

Never Host a Party without the Martini

If you serve only one cocktail at your party, it should be the martini. Simply made with gin and vermouth, the martini’s reputation is one of class. You can change the ratios depending on the preference of you or your guests. Tossing in an olive garnish is an artful and classy addition to consider.

Piña Colada With Crushed Ice

It’s hard to say no to a Piña Colada, and this easy cocktail is made with white rum and pineapple coconut juice. You can choose to dress up the drink with a pineapple or mint garnish, but the drink is delicious even without the decoration. Even if there’s no hint of the Caribbean at your cocktail party and you’re not trying to invoke the spirit of island life, you’ll definitely please your guests if you put Piña Coladas on the menu.

Enjoy the Roaring Twenties with a Gimlet

A popular drink during the crazy 1920s was called the gimlet. This drink contains nothing more than gin and lime juice cocktail. The ratio is usually about two ounces of gin to a quarter ounce of lime juice. The ingredients are mixed in a shaker and strained into a cocktail glass. If you want to dress up the cocktail, you can add a lime wedge as a garnish.

Never Run out of Ice With DFW Snow Parties & Emergency Ice

Whether you have a last-minute celebration that requires ice for cocktails or you have a party in the next few months that needs ice, Emergency Ice is your source for every sort of ice, from ice sculptures to ice cubes. We know that it’s easy to forget that you need ice for your party, so give us a call and we can deliver your ice at any time of the day or night.

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