Top Halloween Themed Drinks That Go Well With Ice Cubes

Orange Halloween Drinks

Double, Bubble, Toil, and Trouble…or…Trick or Treat give me something good to drink! Whatever spell or incantation you use for your Halloween party drinks, add in those ice cubes to keep your drinks as cool as your party.

Presenting spooky or fun potables to your guests is not only entertaining but also easy. Adults and kids will enjoy drinking potions that make them smile.

Halloween Drinks for the Whole Family

For kids (of any age), you can start with a bag of ice.  Strategically drop some liquid food coloring over the ice in the bag and refreeze.  Add your colored ice to any clear drink to add color and fun to a glass.

Add a bloody on the bottom look to any clear drink, (lemon-lime soda, white cherry Gatorade, etc…), fill your cup with crushed or cubed ice, pour in the desired drink then slowly pour grenadine over the ice and let it settle in the bottom.  It is heavier than most drinks, so it settles on the bottom for a spooky bloody look.  Add it to any drink for that effect. Grenadine is non-alcoholic.

Non-Alcoholic Tastes

For a spooky fog drink, add some gummy worms to a green sports drink or Kool-aid and top with just a few small pieces of dry ice. The kids will be amazed at their foggy drinks. Follow safety guidelines when using dry ice.

A layered Halloween punch bowl will also be a hit. This recipe from layers drinks by sugar content in a punch bowl. Using ice cubes in the bowl to pour the drinks over, helps to create the layered effect.

Adult Beverage Options

For adults, the options are tasty!

The Beetlejuice Cocktail from goes perfect over ice. It presents as a layered cocktail.  Made with vodka, melon liqueur, raspberry liqueur, blue curacao with some sweet and sour.  Topped off with black and white striped straws.

The Hornitos Black Cauldron from lives up to its spooky name. Made with Hornitos black barrel tequila, lemon juice, agave syrup, sage simple syrup, angostura bitters and activated charcoal in an ice-filled cocktail shaker, you will be shaking in your boots to try one.

The Jack-O-Lantern cocktail comes in many forms but the Jack-O-Lantern cocktail stands out as the favorite. In a cocktail shaker filled with ice, cognac, brandy-based orange liqueur, orange juice and ginger ale are mixed to make a tasty orange cocktail. An orange wheel with a twist of lime on top gives this beverage that pumpkin look.

Keep Your Halloween Celebration as Cool as a Crypt With Emergency Ice

Whatever your cocktail or beverage preference is for Halloween, you just cannot skip the ice.  Whether serving frozen, over-the-rocks or mixing in an ice-filled cocktail shaker, quality ice will make your drinks perfect. Emergency Ice, the leading ice supplier, will fill all your Texas Halloween party needs. We have dry ice to create the foggy caldron look, 10 and 20 pound bags of ice cubes, also 35 lb bags of cocktail ice.  Based in Dallas, Texas, we offer ice delivery for events and even have block ice if your party includes an ice sculptor. Whatever you need, contact us to fill your Halloween party requests.

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