How to Handle Dry Ice This Halloween


Halloween is nearly here, and it’s time for people and businesses to throw annual Halloween parties with all the tricks and treats in store for guests.

One of the most popular effects at any event is the dry ice cauldron that leaves a trail of spooky mist in its wake.

If you plan on adding dry ice to the fun of your festivities, make sure that you know how to both handle dry ice and how to properly work with a larger block that’s delivered to your doorstep.

Let’s get into some of the finer details of making your Halloween dry ice experience fun, creepy, and above all, safe.

What Are the Dangers of Dry Ice?

Dry ice may be fun to add to your Halloween party, but it’s also something that can lead to trouble if handled improperly. There are three big risks you should always be aware of before making a dry ice order for your celebration:

  1. Dry ice can quickly cause burns and frostbite after skin to ice contact
  2. Dry ice builds up carbon dioxide, a dangerous asphyxiant. It must always be stored in a ventilated area (more tips on that later)
  3. Enclose space can lead to a dry ice explosion

How to Safely Handle Your Dry Ice Delivery

All three of these risks are something you’ll want to prevent as you use dry ice to spice up your holiday decor. We’ve already covered the basics of handling dry ice, like gloves and proper storage.

Let’s dig a little deeper and help you safely utilize dry ice during and after your Halloween event.

Never Let Ice Come into Contact With Punch

While the effect of a dry ice punch may seem like it’s all in one container, the truth behind the illusion is that your dry ice should never touch the punch. If dry ice comes in contact with your guest’s punch, it’s possible that it could flake away and harm someone that drinks it.

I you want to pull off the witch’s brew effect, use two bowls. One large one that will hold your dry ice, and one smaller one inside of it that will hold your punch. This technique lets you create a fun illusion while also ensuring that your guests safely enjoy their drinks.

Also, remember that if you’re going to use this trick, your room must either be extremely well-ventilated or the fun is taken outside.

Use a Chisel to Break Off Chunks

If your dry ice comes delivered in a larger block. You’ll want to break off your usable chunks safely. Once you have your eye protection, gloves, and long-sleeved clothes on, use a chisel and mallet to safely break off your desired chunks of smaller ice.

Remember, in order to maintain safe practices, tap the chisel lightly to ensure dry ice bits don’t break off and create an exposed hazard for guests at your event.

Always Transfer Dry Ice With Safety in Mind

After you’ve broken off your dry ice, use tongs to safely transfer the ice to your bowl or another non-airtight receptacle.

Properly Dispose of Dry Ice After the Festivities

After the celebration, you’ll want to dispose of your remaining ice properly. The hotter dry ice gets, the faster it will resolve. If your ice is already in a warm, open space outside, it’s fine to leave it in the open until it dissipates.

Yet, if you really need the dry ice gone, pouring hot water over the ice (wearing protective gear, of course) is the quickest way to dissolve the substance.

Never dump dry ice down a drain or toilet. Remember, it’s pure carbon dioxide, not regular ice. It will damage your plumbing. Also, never trash your dry ice and risk a nonventilated explosion.

Need Dry Ice Delivered to Your Halloween Party? Emergency Ice Has You Covered!

If you follow our dry ice safety tips, we know that your Halloween party will be one the neighbors talk about for weeks to come. Dry ice delivery is simple with Emergency Ice. Our delivery trucks travel throughout the Dallas metroplex and can surely make their way to your address just in time for the festivities.

Schedule your delivery today before the Halloween rush truly hits.

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