Simple Tips for Keeping Your Ice Cold In the Texas Heat

Keep your ice cold in Texas

Texas is known for its scorching summers, and keeping cool is a requirement. As coronavirus mandates slowly lift in our state, many people are hosting small family gatherings to enjoy what’s left of the warmer season.

One thing that we hate to see at a family barbecue is a cooler full of melted ice an hour into the party. Melted ice just isn’t cool, so here are some tips for keeping your ice cold and formed during your next summer gathering.

Cool Down Your Ice Chest Ahead of Time

If your ice chest is already cool, it will help preserve the integrity of the ice you put into it to keep your food and drinks at a cold temperature. One way to do this is to add a layer of crushed ice before adding in the cubes that will keep the job going.

Spreading this layer in your cooler the night before allows your ice chest to proactively get cold prior to its actual use.

Choose Your Ice Wisely

The type of ice that you select also matters! Crushed ice will quickly cool down products in an ice chest, but its form is full of air that allows it to melt faster than you’d like. If you need ice to last for a longer period of time, invest in some block ice for your cooler.

Block ice is a great option if you are going camping and need your goods to remain cool for more than one day. Even for the average gathering, adding these blocks is beneficial. Block ice will keep your food and drinks as cool as crushed will, only much longer than you’d expect from the average ice cube.

Fill Up Your Ice Chest

Air is ultimately what makes your ice melt in an ice chest. So, keep your goods cooler, longer,  by filling your ice chest to the brim with food and drink. The more space that’s taken up in your chest, the less air that soaks up your coveted cold temperature.

Always Consider Dry Ice

Although dry ice requires some cautious handling, it doesn’t melt and is guaranteed to keep your goods ice cold. In fact, anything that directly touches dry ice will freeze, so that’s why we recommend using this product if you know you need to keep your goods cold for a prolonged period of time.

Also, dry ice will damage your plastic cooler. So, if you want to use it wisely, we recommend cutting up a small styrofoam container, placing your dry ice in that cut space, then placing the styrofoam in your ice chest. This practice prevents cracks while also keeping your goods fresh until the party’s over.

Cool Down Your Summer With the Help of Emergency Ice

If you know you’ll need a large amount of ice for your home or business, trust the team at Emergency Ice to help you achieve the right level of cool! We practice safe handling and will deliver to your location with socially distant practices in effect. Keep your summer comfortable with the help of our services and products. Contact us today to schedule your delivery!

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