Best Tips for Packing Your Ice Chest This Summer

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Beer ice cooler or beer ice box vector on white backgroundSo many people this summer are ready to start getting out and enjoying some fun in the sun. From weekend-long camping trips to cookouts by the pool, it’s clear that your ice chest is going to be one of the most important products for the season.

However, this summer is bound to be extraordinarily hot. So, you’ll want to make sure that your ice chest is packed correctly with both the right ice and the right packing skills.

Order Block Ice and Crushed for Your Ice Chest

At Emergency Ice we’ve seen so many people make the mistake of just buying a couple of crushed ice bags before a barbecue and calling it a day. On a hot day during the summer, even a sturdy ice chest can’t protect those small bits from the heat.

Instead of cubes or crushed ice, we recommend ordering blocked ice from a local distributor. Not only do ice blocks cover more ground, but they take more time to melt. Keep in mind that you’ll still want your crushed ice as a top and filler layer of ice. Combining these two types of ice will definitely keep your food and drinks cold for hours, even on one of the hottest days of the summer.

Layer Your Coolers

The last thing you want to do is just toss all of your food and drinks into your ice chest and pour ice over the goods. Not only is this an inefficient way to cool down the insides of your ice chest, but not knowing where all of your goods are placed leads to extended exposure to the sun as you dig through your ice chest.

Layer your ice chest, alternating between ice layers, food/drink, then another layer of ice, etc. Put what you’ll be reaching for first towards the top of your chest, and save the later chilled foods at the bottom where they’ll remain at a safe temperature.

Freeze Foods & Chill Drinks Ahead of Schedule

If you know you have food that needs to be frozen until it leaves the cooler, freeze it ahead of time to ensure that it stays cool while in your cooler. Also, if you know you’ll want to reach for cold drinks right away, don’t empty your beverages in the ice chest at room temperature. 

Shop early, cool overnight in the refrigerator, then pack them away in the ice box when it’s time for your event.

Invest in Multiple Coolers

Since you don’t want to overpack your ice chests, it’s always best to keep food and drinks separate in their own coolers. Not only will this keep cold foods cooler, longer (you’ll be opening that drink chest a lot), but it also gives you the opportunity to properly layer your ice chests and evenly distribute the cold from your ice.

Start Your Summer Off Right with Emergency Ice

If you know you’ll be cooking out for the family a lot this summer, make sure that your ice is well stocked for every event. We know the summer is hot and most people don’t want to leave their homes unless they have to. That’s why the delivery team at Emergency Ice is available for ice deliveries throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

Don’t let your coolers sweat it out this summer. Make sure to order the right ice for the occasion with Emergency Ice. Contact us today to schedule your next delivery.

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