Planning for Mother’s Day with Emergency Ice

Mother’s Day is less than two weeks away, so it’s time to start planning for what you and your family are going to do for the mothers in your life.

It’s not always about how much you spend or finding the right gift at the mall; the memories that last the longest are the ones that come from the heart. For kids especially, you can create a memorable day that doesn’t require a trip to the mall. Your Dallas ice delivery company, Emergency Ice, has some creative ways to show your mom how much you really care:

Homemade Crafts – Get the kids together and make some creative crafts that any mother will enjoy and cherish for years, such as self-picked flowers, self-crafted decorations, or decorated potted plants.

Cook for mom – Let mom relax this year and cook her favorite meal, or take her out to your favorite park and have a family picnic.

Make mom smile with a song – For the musical enthusiasts in the family, sing mom a loving tune or play her favorite song.

Create-a-card from the heart – You can skip the store by getting artistic and grab the crayons and markers and get creative. The kids will have a blast drawing and designing their own Mother’s Day cards that she can cherish for years.

Play some Mother’s Day games – Plan some activities and games that you know she loves and the whole family can enjoy. You all can play your favorite board games or outdoor activities together, and be sure to take some pictures for the memories to last a lifetime.

Surprise your mother – Do something unexpected! Think of something you haven’t done on Mother’s Day before or try something that is new to the whole family; you might just create a new family tradition.

If you are planning a big Mother’s Day event, Emergency Ice can produce and deliver a personalized ice sculpture and many other ice products for your mother’s special day. With proper planning, you and your family can enjoy a very memorable mother’s day celebration.

Happy Mother’s Day from your ice delivery team!

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