Keeping Ice Cool at a Party

People love parties. People also love their iced party drinks, and summertime is party time!  But, how, in the summer heat, do we keep our ice cold and slow the melting process? We have some tips to keep your party-ice cold and party-ready.

Take Some Extra Steps for Keeping Ice Cool

An extra freezer is the best option; most often though, you must use coolers. When choosing the best coolers to use, try to choose light colors. Light colors absorb less heat; therefore will help to keep your ice from melting.

Also, try to avoid placing your coolers in direct sunlight. If possible, store coolers indoors. If outdoors, avoid metal coolers and buckets. The next step is to line the coolers with aluminum foil, bottom and sides. If you have enough space, you can put bubble wrap under the foil to add additional insulation. After filling the coolers with bags of ice, cover each cooler with a blanket.

Another tip for party-ice storage is to use ice blocks instead of cubes. Large pieces of ice have less surface area so are less prone to melting.

Go Smaller to Stay Cool

Frozen ice packs are a great option also. You can line your cooler or another ice container with the frozen ice packs to insulate bags of ice.

Personal sized frozen water bottles placed strategically within your ice will help keep your ice cold plus guests can pick them out for drinking.

A few days before your party or event, fill empty 2-liter bottles with water and freeze. When preparing your ice storage coolers, set a couple of frozen bottles in your cooler with your ice cubes to keep them chilled.

Remember to Refill Any Ice Containers

When keeping ice somewhere other than coolers, like ice buckets or wash-tubs, it is much more difficult to keep your ice chilled. Fill your ice container often. By refilling the container, you will keep the entire container and the existing ice colder. This helps to keep the ice container and contents cool.  If you are using galvanized steel tubs, choose a shady spot. Grab some blankets and clothespins. Wrap the tubs in blankets and secure with clothespins. Remember, you will have condensation and some dripping water.

Dry Ice is Always an Option

Dry ice can be used to keep ice cubes party-ready. *Remember to be sure to use proper gloves and safety precautions when handling dry ice, and do not allow children to handle it.*  First of all, check with the manufacturer to be sure the cooler is dry ice compatible. Wrap the dry ice in brown paper or a few layers of newspaper.  Fill gaps in the cooler with brown paper. Next, lay a layer of cardboard or a towel over the dry ice, and then lay bags of frozen crushed ice or ice cubes on top. Never completely seal the cooler; leave a gap because as dry ice evaporates it converts to a gas, which needs to escape.

Let Emergency Ice Keep Your Party Chilled

Your summer party requires plenty of ice. Emergency Ice offers dry ice, packaged ice, snow ice, block ice, bulk ice, carving blocks and even ice trailers for your party ice needs. We are happy to help you plan out your ice needs with our Event Ice Calculator or contact us for tips on managing the ice for your next party.

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