Best Industrial Uses for Dry Ice

technician holding dry ice in golved hands

Solid carbon dioxide, known as “dry ice” for its appearance and properties, has many applications, but perhaps the coolest thing about using dry ice is how it evaporates, leaving no residue behind. Not even water! It’s important to keep water from pooling when you’re dealing with biological material, but that’s just the beginning of the uses for dry ice. Here are some of the best ways industrial companies use dry ice every day.

  1. Shipping

Perhaps live lobster is on the menu, or you’re just looking for a great steak from somewhere far away. Maybe it’s your favorite crab rolls from a Baltimore eatery or queso from an Austin restaurant that’s seized your fancy. Or perhaps you’re stuck at home and need some pre-made meals by mail, or can’t find your favorite luxurious ice cream locally. You and a partner could be looking into meal kits as a romantic activity.

There are a lot of reasons you would like to use dry ice for transportation, but most of them come down to freshness and flavor. There are also applications for scientific materials, pet supplies, and even some child projects supplies like STEM and STEAM kits. We live in a global world now and the things we order on Amazon and elsewhere may come from far away. Dry ice comes in many forms, from pellets to slabs, so it’s useful for shipping all kinds of things.

  1. Medical

Dermatologists use liquid nitrogen to remove moles, warts, and other blemishes. But did you know they can use dry ice, too? It’s a safe and easy-to-get alternative. But the medical applications don’t stop there. After all, dry ice is central to organ donation and organ transplants, as well as keeping biopsies and other biological samples fresh. And if the power ever goes out, dry ice is a powerful tool for keeping freezers chilled.

  1. Food Industry

In commercial and industrial kitchens, it’s important to stay completely sanitary. Dry ice is really helpful in keeping clean, as it can be used to remove mildew, molds, and sources of bacteria, as we’ll see, and keep those surfaces sanitary.

And of course, dry ice is used to keep food fresh once it arrives. Just think of the fresh and raw food bars at your local supermarket: they couldn’t exist without dry ice. The food industry is massive and sprawling and crucial to our way of life, and all of that is supported by the industry’s reliance on dry ice at every stage, right up until you buy their wares.

  1. Manufacturing & Cleaning

It’s not just for perishables! Carbon dioxide is kept solid at a temperature below 109 degrees Fahrenheit, which means it has all kinds of non-food uses. Manufacturers have found many uses for dry ice, from pressurized sealing to metal fitting.

Dry ice is also a useful and powerful cleaning aid. Combine carbon dioxide with compressed air for an amazing cleaning solution that doesn’t create any waste, works on almost all surfaces, and is non-abrasive. Just remember that dry ice in any form can be destructive and painful on direct contact, so protect your skin however you decide to use this versatile substance.

Keep It Cool With Emergency Ice

Whatever use you can find for it, dry ice could be an essential part of your logistics chain, medical office, or industrial kitchen. Let Emergency Ice’s pain-free delivery service fulfill your dry ice needs, whatever they might be. We can arrange one-time deliveries or regular service that will expertly suit your needs.

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