How Does Dry Ice Help the Shipping Industry?

Dry Ice used To Ship Products Needing To Stay Cold

With its use spanning across several important industries, it’s clear that ice is one of the most diverse products known to man. At Emergency Ice, we take pride in knowing that the products we deliver have the capability of becoming so much more than a favorite drink ingredient.

While we’ve already looked at how ice influences the restaurant and service industry, it’s important to remember that ice plays a major role in delivering the products that those industries thrive off of.

Here’s a closer look at ice’s role in the shipping industry and how dry ice, specifically helps keep the nation’s goods rolling forward.

When is Dry Ice Used During Shipping?

There are products throughout several essential industries that must be kept at a freezing temperature while traveling. On its surface, the temperature of dry ice is -109.3 degrees Fahrenheit.

While the reaction between dry ice and products it interacts with vary, some of the most common items shipped over dry ice include the following:

  • Vaccines
  • Frozen Foods 
  • Medical Supplies
  • Gases, and more.

Are There Shipping Requirements?

If you run a logistics company that regularly ships an assortment of products, make sure that you’re following the right shipping requirements when dry ice is involved:

  • Never seal dry ice in an airtight container. When dry ice disintegrates it becomes carbon dioxide. If it’s completely sealed up the container will continuously expand and eventually explode.
  • All goods requiring dry ice must be properly labeled with handling instructions and risk of direct contact with dry ice.
  • People handling dry ice must always wear gloves and protective eyewear.

Remember, there are Federal rules that govern the shipping of dry ice and how much can be used during shipping based on the product’s weight and contents. Before shipping, double check the USPS rules for shipping dry ice and keep your practices within regulation.

What Are the Benefits of Dry Ice and Shipping?

Dry ice is preferred over standard wet ice for several reasons. Let’s take a closer look at some of the main properties of dry ice that make it a preferred shipping option.

Dry Ice Simply Keeps Items Cooler

Dry ice keeps items extremely cold. In fact one pound of dry ice is three times colder than one pound of regular ice. So, it makes sense that so many products that require freezing temperatures for transportation, use dry ice to quickly achieve proper temperature levels.

Dry Ice is Cost-Efficient

Since less dry ice is necessary for effective cooling, less needs to be procured for each shipment. This makes dry ice an extremely affordable way for companies to ship essential items.

Dry Ice Doesn’t Drench Product

Dry ice is very different from wet ice based on the simple fact that instead of melting into water, it dissolves into carbon dioxide and releases into its surrounding environment. 

Since dry ice doesn’t dissolve into water, shipping companies can remain confident in knowing that their cooling method won’t leave clients with soaking wet products upon arrival.

Meet Your Shipping Needs With Emergency Ice, Today!

If your shipping company regularly relies on dry ice to get products from destination to destination, you need a reliable ice supply company that can provide you with dry ice when it’s required. 

At Emergency Ice, we’ve spent the last 50-years providing the Dallas and Fort Worth areas with over 1 million pounds of ice per day. Customer service and the drive for efficient deliveries are in our blood, and we’re ready to bring our values (and ice) to your doorstep.

Contact us today to schedule your next delivery of dry ice or to learn more about our other ice delivery services.

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