Cool Science Projects Using Ice

Summer’s over and school is back in session, but who says the fun for your kids has to stop?

With the new school year brings new opportunities for them to learn. From math to science, the school year is sure to be jam-packed, but the lessons don’t have to end on Friday’s.

DIY Ice Science Projects

If you are interested in keeping your kids entertained while also keeping it educational, these DIY science projects will do the trick! And even better… they’re made using our favorite cold substance. Ice!

Ice Sculptures

We’ve touched on ice sculptures and how beautiful and pristine they are. With this project, you and your kids will be able to make your own mini masterpieces using ice and salt.

First, you want to freeze a block of ice that will give you enough circumference to sculpt. We suggest you use an empty milk or juice carton. From there, add in water and freeze overnight. In the morning carefully cut off the carton and place your block of ice in a baking dish.

Next, let your scientist go to town with the salt shaker to create whatever shape his or her heart desires. With the ice, you can create different tunnels, ravine, and shapes. Once finished, be sure to pop it in the freezer to keep.

Ice Painting

This activity is less about science and more about fun! While painting on paper is cool, but painting on ice is a lot cooler.

To get started, you want to freeze a block of ice by using a plastic bowl or plastic food storage container. Once frozen solid, remove the ice block and place it on a washable tray. Preferably one that you don’t care about getting dirty.From there, give your child a couple of brushes and watercolors. As he or she paints, you will start to notice that the watercolor paint actually melts the ice creating a cool texture.

Since you can’t keep the ice painting forever, a cool way to remember the activity is by taking a piece of paper and pressing it against the painting to make a print. Have you child sign it like all great artists do and hang it somewhere in your home as a keepsake.

Ice Cube Experiment

The ice cube experiment is really awesome and will leave you and your kid in awe.

First, have your child fill a small glass with cold water. Next, have your kid drop in a piece of cubed ice into the water. The ice should float to the top. Now, have your child lay a piece of pre-cut thread on top of the ice cube. The thread should measure 10-12 inches long. You will notice that the string won’t pick it up. Your kid may be a little confused now, but assure them that there’s a missing link… salt.

This time, have your child lay the string down again on top of the ice and then pour salt on the string. Wait a few minutes then have he or she grab the string again. This time, the ice will come up! Pretty cool, right!

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