Wow, There Are So Many Types Of Ice Cubes! – Part 3


This week we will highlight the last 3 types of ice cubes:



Flake Ice – Soft pieces of small ice that has a 73% ice to water ratio. Flake ice can form around objects without damaging the surface and holds in place very well without tipping or spilling. The flake ice cube is perfect for hand scooping into beverage cups, food and beverage presentation, and the beloved snow cone!



Cocktail Ice – Very hard and solid with a perfect cube shape. Cocktail ice is similar to the full dice cube, but is solid all the way through and has a 100% ice to water ratio. Cocktail ice is used in premium cocktail beverages as well as food and beverage presentations.




Gourmet Ice – Hard and clear ice cube with a unique octagon shape. Gourmet ice has nearly a 100% ice to water ratio with maximum cooling capabilities. Gourmet ice, with its crystal look, is the perfect premium beverage companion.


This concludes our series on the 9 different types of ice cubes, we hope you enjoyed it! The question we have now, what is your favorite type of ice cube?


We will continue to inform and entertain you on all types of Dallas, Arlington, Fort Worth, McKinney ice services and other ice-related topics.

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