How to Prepare for Your First Bagged Ice Delivery

Bagged Ice Ready for a Dallas Ice Delivery
Whether you are a restaurant or bar in need of ice, or you’re hosting a large event, don’t forget the ice! Drinks must stay cool throughout the day or emergencies with keeping food safe for consumption could arise.
Ice delivery will make your day easier, leaving you to handle bigger things throughout your daily operations or event. If you’ve never had ice delivered before, here’s everything you need to know to prepare for bagged or larger ice delivery.

Preparing for a Successful Bagged Ice Delivery

Who May Be In Need of an Ice Delivery?

That’s an easy answer – anyone who needs bagged ice delivery is someone who needs ice! Joking aside, restaurants, bars, and other establishments like hospitals and schools need a consistent ice supplier.

Emergency Ice delivers throughout the Dallas and Fort Worth areas. We put the “emergency” in our name and are always available when you run out of ice, sometimes being able to deliver in just 1 hour.

If you are planning a special event or hosting a party, you must also account for ice. It’s one of the most commonly forgotten items on a party-planning checklist. As a tip, confirm the delivery time the day before and make sure you establish a point of contact to meet the ice delivery with storage containers ready.

What Information Should I Have Ready?

First and most importantly, you need to have a general headcount. Typically, you’ll want to allocate 1 and ½ pounds of ice per person.

If your event is outdoors or you’re planning for many cocktails, you may want to increase that number. A winter event or one where guests will be drinking coffee will call for less. Remember, it’s always best to over-calculate than have to send an unfortunate guest out to grab ice from a gas station at 9 p.m.

When Should I Schedule?

If you are having a very large event, you’ll want to schedule your ice 2-3 weeks in advance. As for delivery, you will want to have it delivered in the morning or early afternoon of the event. If you have a great cooler, you can have it delivered the night before.

What Types of Ice Are Available?

At Emergency Ice, we pride ourselves on attention to detail and providing ice to meet your unique needs. The most important thing is to have a headcount, and then we can help you plan accordingly. You can choose from a wide variety of types of ice. We know it’s all water, but, hey, it’s good to have options! Ice selections include:

  • Bulk Ice (Sold by the pallet)
  • Carving Blocks of Ice (300lb Clear Blocks)
  • Dry Ice (10lb slices and ‘popcorn’ pellets)
  • Ice Merchandisers (Various sizes available depending on your need)
  • Ice Trailers (pallets of various sizes)
  • Event Wagon Ice – 2 pallets; Event Trailer – 1 pallet
  • Packaged Ice (10lb, 20lb, or 35lb)
  • Snow Ice (packed or blown)

If you have a special request, just let us know, and we will create a package just for you!

Keep Your Next Event Cooler with Emergency Ice Delivery Services

In need of steady, dependable ice from a professional supplier for a bar, or restaurant, or do you have a special event that needs ice delivery in DFW area? Emergency Ice is a family-owned ice delivery service that will bring ice to your door 24/7/365 hassle-free. Every delivery arrives with professional and courteous attention to provide exactly what you need. Request a delivery today!

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