How Can Dry Ice and Other Emergency Ice Products Help in a Power Outage?

Dry Ice Packing To Keep Items Cold In Dallas

Last year. Over 4.5 million homes and businesses were left without power for hours, days, and in some cases, weeks. Texas had seen its fair share of ice storms and inclement weather in the past, but the effects of the last storm were unprecedented.

Many local business owners that relied on power to keep their goods cold were left unprepared and forced to dispose of valuable inventory.

As the anniversary of the event creeps up on us and news forecasters predict much colder weather on the way in January, the team at Emergency Ice thinks it’s best for commercial owners to stay prepared.

Here’s a look at how our ice delivery services and products can help and why your business should always look ahead to the unexpected.

Why Do Commercial Businesses Need to Be Prepared for a Power Outage?

Every commercial entity should be prepared for a power outage, however, some businesses in industries like food service and pharmaceuticals must take extra preparatory steps to ensure that their inventory doesn’t spoil during an outage.

Products like vaccines, ear drops, antibiotics, meats, soft cheeses, and more need to be maintained at certain temperatures. When an outage that lasts for hours or longer hits and these entities are unprepared, the issue becomes a massive hit to both the company’s budget and available supply to eager consumers.

How Can Emergency Ice Help You Preserve Your Inventory?

Fortunately, Emergency Ice specializes in keeping entities like restaurants, convenience stores, pharmacies, and hospitals cool when they need it. So, here are some of the items you can order from us to use now or save to prepare for an approaching cold front.

Portable Freezers 

Although portable freezers alone do require power, combined with a portable generator, they are a valuable asset during a power outage. Portable freezers from Emergency Ice are always available to rent and come in a variety of sizes that meet your location’s specific needs.

We offer flexible rental periods, affordable pricing, and quality units that help keep drinks, frozen foods, ice, and medicines at their safest temperatures even during the worst of times.

Dry Ice

Dry ice is a product we offer that is one of the most useful items to have on-hand during a power outage. Just 50 pounds of dry ice in a standard commercial freezer can keep goods cold for at least 2 days!

We are Dallas and Fort Worth’s leading dry ice supplier and have the amount of product you’ll need to preserve your inventory all year long. Trust us for fast, simple deliveries of commercial dry ice in any quantity your business needs.

Standard Crushed Ice

We are the local leading supplier of commercial ice deliveries. So. the chances are that if your commercial business needs crushed ice on a regular basis, we are already your reliable source. 

If the power goes out and you are left without a generator or dry ice, bagged crushed or cubed ice can serve as an excellent temporary solution for keeping products cool during a power outage.

We suggest packing your freezers or storage coolers with as much ice as possible to keep your inventory cooler longer. Depending on the insulation of the unit that you’re storing the bagged ice in, standard ice can produce proper cooling effects that last between 12 and 24 hours.

Stay Prepared for All Cooling Needs With Emergency Ice

If you are a Dallas or Fort Worth business owner that relies on keeping your inventory cold, it’s imperative that you are always ready for a massive power outage. Let the team at Emergency Ice help take some of the stress off of your shoulders with our quick and reliable dry ice, and crushed ice commercial deliveries.

We know how important temperature is for food and pharmaceutical products. That’s why we are dedicated to being your go-to source for all emergency ice needs.

Contact us today to schedule your next delivery!

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