Chipping Away at the History of Ice Sculptures

Ice sculptures can be seen as the epitome of class, talent, and fun when they are featured at a party or event. Sculpting ice is an extremely difficult process and believe it or not, can be done at various temperatures. Yes, you can see ice sculptures created on cruise boats, not just at the local ski lodge.

Ice sculptures can be created in a various number of sizes and shapes. The quality and result is really based on the artist and the vision that they have for the creation. Here are some facts behind the history of ice sculptures, how they are made, and where they can be seen other than weddings and company parties.

A Pretty Cool History

The history of ice sculptures really stems from the history of harvesting ice. In areas of the world where water would freeze, people would harvest the ice and store it in ice houses to be used in warmer months to keep fish and other food cool.

During the 1600s hunters and fishermen in China created ice lanterns by filling buckets with water, pulling the ice out of the mold and placing a candle underneath the ice. This eventually caught on and became a celebrated trend in Russia and other countries where ice was prominent.

According to a study by Fred Anderes, the first well-documented ice palace was built in the winter of 1740 as the setting for a monstrous joke. Located on the frozen River Neva, the palace was commissioned by Empress Anna Ivanovna who had a malicious sense of humor. As the butt of the joke, a shivering bride and groom spent their wedding night in a building of ice.

Since then, ice carving has evolved into the ice sculpting that we know today as a true mark of artistic talent.

Techniques for Creating Ice Sculptures

The length of time that you have to work on an ice sculpture depends on where you create the ice sculpture and the temperature of the area.Through the use of chainsaws, some sculptures are able to be created in around ten minutes.

Through several advancements in technology, many ice sculptures are now created by machines that cut their edges in precise motions, resulting in an ice carving fit for a wedding party. Even though machines are now the norm for creating ice sculptures, many professional ice sculptors prefer to use chisels and hand saws in order to show that they are masters of their craft.

Emergency Ice Provides Ice Sculptures Beyond Family Events

If you have a large family event or work function coming up and want to have an intricate ice sculpture created for the party, Emergency Ice has you covered. Even if you don’t need an ice sculpture, we will deliver ice to your party in pretty much any form that you need. Call us today to find out more about our services and products. We look forward to making your event a cool one.


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