Christmas & Holiday Ice Sculptures


If you are planning and hosting a Christmas or New Year’s holiday party for your office, a special group or just a big family gathering, it is likely that you are looking for some fun, unique ideas to make your party pop off this year! From new Christmas dishes and tasty one of a kind desserts to hand crafted decorations and fresh drink mixes, there are some different ways to change up from your old boring routine to make your holiday bash a little different from the last.

But, isn’t that what you did last year? You looked up new appetizer and dessert recipes and tried to mix up some new cocktails. So if you did the same thing last year, you really need some new Christmas and holiday party ideas.


Professionally Carved Ice Sculptures

Have you ever had a professionally hand-crafted ice sculpture made? If not, then that could be the single item you need to really bring some new holiday cheer to your Christmas or New Year’s Eve holiday party and extravaganza this year!


Emergency Ice Sculptures For Your Next Big Event

For many years now Emergency Ice has conquered many levels and needs of the ice service business in North Texas. We provide everything related to ice – bags of ice, block ice, cocktail ice, ice delivery, snow parties and yes, ice sculptures. From the traditional Christmas and holiday themes like Christmas trees, Frosty the Snowman and giant snowflakes to personal picks like hand drawn images or personal pictures and photos, we can take your design and turn it into a beautiful ice sculpture.

The Art and Craft of Ice Sculpting

Ice sculpting is a unique craft and world-wide art that is popular in many countries and regions around the globe. It requires precise carving and scraping with expert ice tools and with one chip or chunk taken off that shouldn’t have been removed can cause an ice sculpting artist to have to start over completely with a brand new ice block.

Emergency Ice can provide ice sculptures for any party, special event, wedding or any reason you want your guests to be impressed! For similar uses, we can also have an ice sculpture made into an ice shot luge; they are perfect for New Year’s Eve, birthday, St. Patrick’s Day, bar events or any big party. They can be carved into any shape or design to match the holiday, party theme or bar logo or brand.

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