Dallas Ice Service Capabilities

It’s a fact- the Dallas Fort Worth metro area has more restaurants per capita than any other metropolitan area in the entire United States of America, including New York, Chicago and Los Angeles. Along with restaurants, Dallas and Fort Worth have an abundance of schools, churches, private party venues, convention halls, catering companies and all types of food and beverage service companies. Like any service industry, they all rely on other service providers to supply necessary products that keep their business moving.

As a long lasting Dallas ice service company, Emergency Ice is the Dallas Fort Worth ice company that so many local businesses can rely on for all their ice needs.

Dallas Fort Worth Ice Products

When it comes to ice products, Emergency Ice goes far beyond the bags of ice you pick up from the gas station when you and the family are heading out for a day at the park or weekend camping trip. Ice is our business and we’ve dedicated decades to producing high quality ice products that businesses need to stay ahead and keep up with day to day business activities.

Cocktail Ice & Ice Delivery

When restaurants’ ice machines break down, Emergency Ice can be relied on for immediate service. Within an hour, we can deliver thousands of pounds of ice cubes so their customers can be served chilled drinks without any disruption of service. For some fine dining restaurants, eateries and cocktail bars, we also produce and deliver cocktail ice for that true up-scale glass of scotch or professionally mixed beverage.

Extensive Dallas Ice Service & Products

We also provide other ice products that keep Dallas businesses moving.

Our other products include:

  • block ice for safe food storage when on the go or when refrigeration systems go down
  • dry ice for special event venues or holiday parties
  • snow ice for snow cone parties and event

While traditional ice cubes and bags are what started Emergency Ice and make up a large portion of our ice service in Dallas, we have more ice products to offer than most companies around.

Event Ice Service Products


More and more often Emergency Ice is the go-to ice company in Dallas Fort Worth. We have the production capacity and all the necessary equipment to supply ice for events. Our special event wagons, we can supply 3,850 lbs. of ice per wagon. We have ice trailers which are great for events of any size – the larger the event, the more ice trailers we will bring. Our ice merchandisers have the capacity of 2,000 lbs. of ice and they are always fueled up and ready to load.

If you are planning, hosting or managing a community festival, church event, school fund raiser or any type of event, Emergency Ice is the Dallas event ice service company you can rely on.

We are known for our ice service and high quality products. When ice is what you need, ice is what we will deliver; exactly how you request it. Don’t forget what our name stands for. When you have a last minute ice emergency, Emergency Ice has 1-Hour Ice Delivery – it’s our specialty!

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