How to Use 5 Different Types of Ice This Summer

Old Fashioned Cocktails with a sphere ice cube

Old Fashioned Cocktails with a sphere ice cube

Summer is essentially here, and it’s time to start planning your fun in the sun gatherings with your family and friends. Cool drinks and food on ice are staples at any summer event, but maybe standard ice cubes sound a little drab for your tastes.

Wow, your guests with your ice aesthetic and use your Dallas ice delivery service effectively by adding these five different types of ice to the food and drinks at your event. 

1. Nugget Ice

If you’ve ever been to Sonic, then you already know that nugget ice is one of the best ways to cool down your favorite beverage. These little ice chunks pack a powerful cooling punch that not only keeps beverages refreshing but also latches onto flavor and keeps tastebuds happy, right down to the last crunch.

2. Crescent Ice

If you’re on a budget for your party and want to push your ice usage to the limit, crescent ice is an excellent way to fill up a glass without using too much of your product. 

The unique shape of crescent ice takes up a fair amount of glass space and can keep your drinks extra cool without the quick melt that often comes with standard ice cubes.

3. Gourmet Ice

Gourmet ice is often what you’d find at an upscale bar or restaurant. These hollow, cylindrical pieces of ice provide a quick chill with an even melt. You won’t have to constantly top off a tub of gourmet ice. 

Gourmet ice will bring you a slower melt that helps prevent the waste of several bags of ice. For the most bang for your budget, request this type of ice from your Dallas or Fort Worth ice delivery service.

4. Ice Spheres

During the summer, there really is nothing like enjoying a sip of your favorite whiskey or tequila by the pool. However, while you want to keep your drink cool, you also need it to look as appealing as possible; and unfortunately, crushed ice doesn’t cut it.

Ice spheres not only look great in a straight spirit, but they take their time to melt. You don’t have to worry about diluted drinks here. If you really want to please your crowd at the adult beverage bar, try out these alternatives to the full cube option.

5. Block Ice

Ice blocks harvested from Mother Nature are the roots of the ice delivery industry. So, it should be no surprise that blocks of ice still shape that we rely on to keep beverages cooler, longer.

If you plan on serving a hearty bowl of punch or have some fresh gallons of fruit juices ready for your guests, keep your drinks tastier with a hefty chunk of blocked ice in your holding tank!

Meet Your Ice Delivery Needs This Summer with Emergency Ice

An ice delivery service is the easiest way to ensure that you’re using the right ice at your latest party. Emergency Ice is Dallas and Fort Worth’s most popular ice provider and can help you order the right amount to meet your needs.

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