5 Classic Summer Drinks to Serve Over Ice

5 Summer Cocktails - Recipes

Summer is here and so is the heat that leaves so many of us aching for a cold drink while enjoying some fun in the sun. Whether you are having a cookout with the family or hosting a corporate outdoor function, you’ll need the right ice and drinks to satisfy your guests.

Here’s a look at 5 of our favorite summer drinks that range from virgin flavors to more adult-oriented beverages.

Ice-Tea Mocktails

Alcoholic beverages aren’t everyone’s choice of drink. So, if you’re prepping a drink menu for your next gathering, make sure you put this ice-cold drink on the list. This mocktail brings the flavors your guests want from a summer drink without the alcoholic aftereffects.

Mixing ice tea cubes, apple, peach, and apricot juice has never been so good. We say try out this Ice-Tea Mocktail recipe in a whiskey glass over a heavy layer of crushed ice.

Fresh Mojito

We’d throw up a classic Margarita on this list but that would just be too obvious. If you want something truly iconic for the summer, try a variation of a fresh Mojito. This Cuban delicacy is typically served over cubed ice and consists of rum, lime, and fresh mint.

However, the true beauty of this drink shines in how experimental you can get with it. Whether your party serves the classic option or something exotic like a Raspberry Mojito, we know your guests will be leaving satisfied.

White Russian

White Russians are one of the easiest drinks to serve over ice. All you need is ice, vodka, Kahlua, and cream. Combine the ingredients with this simple recipe and you’ll have a cool summer drink that has the strong flavor to take the edge off of any summer’s day.

Red Sangria

Citrus fruits are one of the best treats to enjoy during the summer. So, if you have leftover oranges lying around, why not kick up the enjoyment and add them to a juicy red sangria.

Sangria is a drink that is rumored to be 2,000 years old and with the combination of flavors it offers, we aren’t surprised.

All you need is a pitcher full of sliced apples, oranges, and thick cubed ice. From there add your favorite rum and red wine of choice. This basic sangria recipe has all of the details you’ll need to beat the heat this summer.

Infused Water

Most of our list may have been cocktails, but as ice makers, we can’t deny that water is your best option for staying hydrated this summer.

However, we say why not kick up your average water a notch. Water infused with fruits like cucumber, lemon, and lime can give you the hydration you need with the flavor you crave from a seasonal drink!

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