Ice Tips for Mixologists to Follow to Please a Crowd

Ice Tips for Mixologists

Spring is here and it’s time for professional and novice mixologists alike to start breaking out the spirits and serving up classic cocktails.

No matter what type of cocktail you create for family, friends, or restaurant patrons, nothing goes better with your drinks than a cold chunk of ice. However, cooling your drink to perfection isn’t as easy as running the ice machine over a glass.

Here are our ice tips you should follow for drinks that stay cold and look cool doing it!

The Size and Shape of Your Cubes Matter

Not all ice is created equal. The size and shape of the cube that you put in your drink matter. The second ice hits your drink, it’s going to begin melting and melding with your spirits.

You want your ice to complement your drink, not immediately water it down and ruin its taste. So, when serving cocktails, avoid crushed or chipped ice and reach for larger cubes or specialty ice cubes like round ice spheres that take up more surface area and melt at a more even pace.

Never Pre-Chill Your Alcohol

While it’s important to keep your spirits at even temperatures, chilling them in a freezer ruins the dilution process of your ice cubes; therefore tainting the taste of your drink.

Keep your spirits at room temperature and ensure that when your ice hits the warm alcohol, it melts at an even rate.

Use a Bulk Ice Delivery Service for Fresh Ice

Fresh ice or ice that hasn’t been sitting in the freezer for weeks is always your best option. If ice is just left in the freezer, it will quickly pick up on any lingering odors within the area and give the ice an unbecoming taste.

It can be time-consuming to consistently create fresh ice in the quantities you need without unnecessary storage. So, we suggest connecting with an ice delivery service that can guarantee you have the perfect amount of ice for your patrons every night.

Rinse Your Ice for a Pure Taste

Even if your ice is fresh, it couldn’t hurt to rinse it down and ensure the taste is as pure as possible. All you have to do is run the ice under some cold water for a quick, few seconds rinse. From there, your ice should taste as it should when mixed with the perfect drink.

Hot Water Makes Your Ice Look Slicker

While this tip is more cosmetic than actually cooling if you really want your ice to look its best, make sure to fill your ice trays with distilled and boiling water. Doing this allows your ice to freeze slowly and create a clean, slick look that adds some visual flair to the drinks you serve.

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