5 Smart Commercial Uses for Dry Ice

When dry ice comes to mind, most people go straight to thinking about Halloween decorations or Mad Science experiments from elementary school assemblies. However, dry ice is quite an underrated product. In fact, it is used in several popular commercial uses for dry ice.

Find out about five of these surprising ways that dry ice helps out numerous industries throughout Texas.

1. Most Common Commercial Uses for Dry Ice Involves Shipping

One of the most common commercial uses for dry ice can be seen in the shipping industry. Several US products that we pick up in stores require a travel route that can be quite a long distance. By packing perishable goods in crates that contain it, they can be preserved to make these long-distance trips.

Dry ice has been known to be more beneficial in these situations over regular ice and gel packs. This is because it is made from frozen carbon dioxide and not water. What this means is that the material simply does not melt and lasts significantly longer than regular ice. This is why so many restaurants request such packing when their goods are shipped in.

2. The Medical Field Survives on Dry Ice

Believe it or not, even the medical field gets involved with commercial uses for dry ice. It can be used to remove warts and moles. Because of the dangers of dry ice. it is strongly recommended that you do not attempt to carry out this task on your own, a trained physician can use it to freeze the cells and safely remove the imperfections.

Also, it is excellent for aiding in the transfer of supplies, samples, and other sensitive materials throughout a medical facility. Several important items in hospitals require a constant cool temperature, and dry ice is able to meet that need with its long-lasting shelf-life.

3. Burials and Funeral Homes Use it Too

If you are a funeral home owner looking for a more economical way to preserve bodies prior to a viewing or funeral, using this material is a great option for doing so. By doing so, you are able to skip the expensive and messy embalming process.

Also, the substance is perfect for aiding in the process of a “Green Burial.” This is a non-traditional funeral where a family keeps the body preserved over dry ice and then buries them in a biodegradable casket at a legally designated location.

4. Construction and Manufacturing

This Emergency Ice product is also beneficial in construction and manufacturing. Dry ice is a material that allows asphalt to remain at its required temperature while being transported from site to site. It also removes oxygen from tanks that are dangerously flammable. This reduces the risk of flammable vapors catching fire at a construction or manufacturing facility.

5. Pest Control

If your home has bed bugs, mosquitoes or other types of crawling pests, this material can be an effective method of ridding your home of these unwanted guests. After you have bought your dry ice, there are many different processes that have been proven effective in this area, but since the substance is particularly dangerous to the touch, caution is necessary.

Emergency Ice Does Much More Than Keep Your Drinks Cold

Dry ice has proven itself to be a versatile material in many different fields of work and around the Texas household. If you or your industry requires commercial uses for dry ice, Emergency Ice has your supply ready for you. Get in touch with us today to find out how to order dry ice to meet your needs.

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