What Are the Benefits of Buying Bagged Ice?

ice cubes on white background.

ice cubes on white background.

Ice is a popular requirement for backyard parties, restaurants, festivals, and beach picnics, and there are so many reasons getting bagged ice is helpful and convenient, whether you’re a professional restauranteur or someone planning a backyard barbecue.

Here are a few reasons getting bagged ice for your ice delivery is something you’ll want to consider for your next event or for your business.

Bagged Ice is Clear and Fresh

When you make ice in your refrigerator with ice cube trays, the pieces of ice that result are often cloudy because there are minerals and contaminants that come through the pipes in your home. When you get ice delivery from a company like Emergency Ice, you get to enjoy clear ice that is appropriate for events like parties, as well as in commercial environments like restaurants.

In addition to receiving ice that is fresh and clean, ice delivery is also a great option for getting ice that looks consistent. If you have a restaurant and need bagged ice, you may find it helpful to have cubes that look the same each time someone orders a drink.

Ice Delivery & High-Volume Use

The ice maker in your refrigerator and the ice trays in your freezer might supply your immediate family members with enough ice for dinner, but you’ll have a hard time cooling everyone’s drinks at a party or gathering with at least ten people.

A single bag of ice from the store might help you with your ice needs, but getting ice delivered is the easiest way to make sure you have enough ice for everyone, and you’re not waiting for the ice maker in your freezer to make more ice. Ice delivery is also the best way to supply a large event or festival with ice. Try our ice calculator and see how much ice you will need for your event.

Bagged Ice Comes in Different Shapes

You’ve probably seen those ice trays that allow you to make ice cubes in different shapes, but imagine trying to accomplish that on a massive scale. One of the most convenient facets of bagged ice delivery services is that you can get all of it delivered in a special shape.

For example, imagine you’re planning an anniversary party for your parents and expect around 30 guests. It’s doubtful that you could make enough heart-shaped ice for the whole party unless you had an industrial-sized walk-in freezer sitting in your garage.

Bagged ice delivery is a much easier way to get the special-shaped ice you need for your event.

Transporting Bagged Ice for Events

If you’re planning a significant event, or you need a large amount of ice, it’s possible that you could head to the store to buy the ice from a business like a large grocery store or a convenience store.

However, transporting a great deal of ice in a personal vehicle can lead to premature melting, as well as sore shoulders from carrying the bags from the car to the event. Bagged ice delivery makes it much easier to concentrate on other facets of your event, and it also helps you avoid a melted icy mess inside your vehicle.

Order Your Next Batch of Bagged Ice from Emergency Ice, Today!

If you are in an industry that requires large amounts of ice or are simply planning your next family get together, Emergency Ice is ready to offer our delivery services to you. We guarantee our deliveries are contact-free, quick, and satisfying.

Contact us today to schedule your next bagged ice delivery or to learn more about our other services.

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