Snow Day Superstitions

While most Texans are probably happy that warmer temperatures have returned, all this rain has got us feeling nostalgic for snow days. In a state like Texas, snow doesn’t come around very often, but that doesn’t stop us from doing little things that help tip the scales in our favor. If you think brushing your teeth with your opposite hand is hard, you should try some of these other crazy superstitions that have been known to bring about a snow day out of nowhere. With your help, we could have a beautifully slick snow day in the middle of May.


Not sure why the snow gods love spoons so much, but there are a couple of things involving spoons that you can do to help encourage a snow day. First, stick a spoon in the freezer and let it sit there overnight.

While you’re at the freezer, open it and sing “SNOW DAY” into it three times while doing a little dance. 

Next, after you’ve gotten your jammies on backward and inside out, go to sleep with a spoon under your pillow. Do it, or feel the wrath of thunderstorms instead of soft snow tomorrow!

Nighttime Ablutions

As you’re going through your nighttime cleansing rituals, be sure to use the opposite hand to brush your teeth. It may be more difficult than you expected, but the snow gods hold this ambidextrous trick in high regard, and are likely to reward your loyalty with blankets of snow.

Got a hankerin’ for a snow day? Call Emergency Ice at 214-631-3535. We can make it snow!

Also, just before you leave the bathroom for the night, flush a few ice cubes down the toilet, one cube for each inch of snow you want to see. Yes, they must be cubes, the snow gods are that particular.

Inside Out Pajamas

It’s getting so warm that pajamas are best left folded in the drawer, but sacrifices must be made! Turn your pajamas inside out and wear them to sleep–backwards! Extra points if you’ve got adult Onsie pajamas!

Didn’t Work?

If you did all of the above and there’s still no snow, you probably jinxed it somehow. If the reason why you wanted a snow day was so you didn’t have to go to that gala you coordinated, don’t worry about it! Just let Emergency Ice deliver all the ice to keep cold foods cold, and cocktail ice for chilling adult beverages. The event will turn out much better than you think. The snow gods have spoken.

You can always call Emergency Ice to deliver the snow day you’ve been praying for. Our snow blower service creates a winter wonderland in your front yard, so while everyone else is melting like a snow cone in Phoenix, you’re playing in ice-cool snow. That’s certainly worth using up a sick day!

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