How Much Ice Do I Need for A Party?

Everybody loves an ice party! If you are the host, there is plenty of planning to do. There are many details to throwing a great party, and ice is one of them. Emergency Ice is ready to keep your party well-iced.

How to Get Ice Delivered in a Pinch

It has happened to almost everyone, guests start arriving and you realize that you didn’t buy ice. You scramble to call someone to grab ice along the way. Or, you are half-way through your party and you are running out of ice. Either scenario, you are scrambling to get ice and it’s an Ice Emergency! This is why companies like Emergency Ice offer ice delivery services across Dallas-Fort Worth.

Plan Your Ice Delivery

It is important to plan ahead, even order your ice to be sure you have what you need. There are a few factors to consider when deciding how much ice to purchase. It is essential to consider if the ice is for beverages, coolers, or both. Is the party indoors or outdoors? If outdoors, what season and temperatures will you be dealing with? Obviously, the number of guests you expect is important too.

Will you have a food bar you are keeping iced? If you need ice for use in beverages, the general rule is a ½ pound of ice per glass. For example, if a person attending has three drinks, that is 1 ½ lbs of ice, and if you have ten people, that is 15 lbs of ice.

Ice for Backyard BBQ & Parties

Backyard barbeques and pool parties often have drinks iced up in coolers, tubs or buckets. Coolers go through ice less quickly because they are insulated and have a lid. Tubs and buckets will use up ice rapidly because it melts faster.

It is best to figure 10-20 lbs of ice for parties of 20 people. For coolers, plan on the low side of that number just to be safe. If you are having a chilled food bar (or a kiddie pool serving as a food bar), that uses the same calculations as the tubs and buckets. Having dry ice in your cooler can add an extra bit of fun to any outdoor party.

Indoor Ice Parties

For an indoor party, you can plan on the same amount per person for beverages but for indoor parties’ have temperature control and refrigerators are often available, keeping the ice usage to a minimum for chilling.

One thing to always remember, it is important to keep beverage ice separate from chilling ice. To prevent any mix-ups, try to keep beverage ice in the freezer and chilling ice in coolers when possible. The primary rule is to buy plenty because you can always use it later.

Don’t forget to try different types of ice to add some flair to your beverages.

Ice for Large Events

Are you planning a birthday party, graduation party, wedding or running a festival? From small to large, all of these events need ice. Emergency Ice delivers high-quality ice and premium customer service to the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex area.

Emergency Ice offers cocktail ice, cubed ice, ice blocks and even ice sculptures for your party planning. We have a reputation for providing hassle-free ice services across the region and, we deliver. Give us a call and we will answer any questions you have about planning the ice for your next big party!

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