Ice is Food, According to the FDA

Did you know that ice is considered a food by the FDA? While that is true, the Food and Drug Administration doesn’t exactly monitor or regulate the purity of ice or the cleanliness of those who handle it. Ice could still be tampered with or contaminated after it has reached its destination. The International Packaged Ice Association (IPIA) picks up right where the FDA leaves off.


Starting in 1917 as the National Ice Association, the International Packaged Ice Association is a trade network of packaged ice manufacturers and distributors, as well as manufacturers of ice-making supplies, equipment and services. The IPIAs reach spans more than 400 ice distribution and manufacturing locations, covering about 80 percent of all packaged ice made in the country.

With the FDA failing to put specific guidelines in place to address packaged ice, the IPIA took it upon itself to develop Packaged Ice Quality Standards (PIQCS). These strict sanitation standards must be met by all IPIA members, and ice manufacturers that meet these regulations receive the IPIA seal of certification on all their packages. Emergency Ice is a proud member of the International Packaged Ice Association.

What About Other Ice?

Unfortunately, there are no regulations for all the other ice in convenience stores, vending machines, and restaurants. Worse, without regulations in place, oversight is almost non-existent, as ice can be contaminated at any level. From the dirty hands of food handlers, to unsanitary ice scoops, to moldy ice makers and equipment, there’s no way to be sure that the ice in your drink is pure and free of bacteria and contaminants.

Get your ice from an IPIA-certified manufacturer. Call Emergency Ice today!

This is why Emergency Ice likes to service local residents, bars, clubs, restaurants and other establishments. By doing business with these businesses, more and more pure, clean ice is taking the place of dirty ice, which can only mean better business for all involved. Our manufacturing facilities and equipment, as well as our packaged ice are all up to PIQCS specs, so you know you’re getting a quality product that’s free from all impurities.

This Summer…

When you’re getting packaged ice for an outing, make sure you get ice that is IPIA-certified.

Check the bag to make sure it is properly closed and free of any foreign objects. Look on the bag for the product code, manufacturer’s name and address, and the IPIA seal of approval. The PIQCS standards regulate everything in the process of manufacturing ice, from the hygiene of each employee, to the water quality, to the equipment used to make the ice.

Rather than go on a hunt for clean ice, just stop by Emergency Ice and pick up a few bags. If you need more than that, give us a call and we’ll set up a delivery. Make Emergency Ice your go-to for clean, pure ice.

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