Wow, There Are So Many Types Of Ice Cubes! – Part 2

Emergency Ice is the Dallas Fort Worth area’s ice company that provides more than just ice delivery and ice services; we also want to provide you with ice information. Ice cubes can be made from cutting/scraping ice blocks or freezing it into specific shapes and sizes.

There are many unique types of ice cubes, which have many different uses.

This week we will highlight the next 3 types of ice cubes:



Nugget Ice– A soft chewable ice, but is still hard enough to be dispensed without hand scooping, which has 80% ice to water ratio. The nugget ice is used for establishment dispensing, typically used in juices and carbonated beverages.


Tubular Nugget Ice – A soft chewable texture with a cylinder shape, which has a 90% ice to water ratio. The tubular nugget ice is used for dispensing and cooling.


Crushed Ice – A rough chewable texture with rounded rough edges , which has a 100% ice to water ratio. Crushed ice is dice or half dice cube ice that is crushed/ground up into many smaller pieces, which is used for frozen ice treats and maximum cooling.


See the first 3 types of ice cubes in our last blog and be sure to check back often. Soon we will be highlighting the last 3 types of ice cubes, but while you are here, check out all of our ice products!

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