How to Order Ice for Your Special Event

Special Event Ordered Ice Delivery In Dallas Texas

There are few things more embarrassing at a large function than people disposing of their drinks because there isn’t enough ice or the ice tastes odd.

Emergency Ice knows the importance of high-quality ice during your special event or festival. Serving Dallas-Fort Worth, we offer choices from a 2,000 lb. double door freezer up to a 40,000 lb. capacity full-size trailer. Emergency Ice can fulfill any special event ice delivery need. No Dallas ice delivery is too big.

Our Ice Options Help You Plan for Any Size Event

We offer multiple options of ice including bagged ice, carving blocks, various sizes of block ice, packages, cocktail ice, dry ice, and more. Our ice is of the highest quality. We make ice the easy part of your event planning. Use our Event Ice Calculator to make planning even simpler.When planning your event, if you need any advice on the type of ice you need, just give Emergency Ice a call and we will help you work out the details. There are a few things you can do to plan your ice needs for your event.

  • Get an estimate of the expected headcount and duration of your event.
  • How do you plan to use the ice? Drinks, keeping canned beverages or food cold, etc…
  • What are the outdoor conditions or is the event indoors?
  • What forms of ice do you need?

For your event that requires multiple ice storage freezers, Emergency Ice can meet that need with ‘convenience store’ merchandisers. Each merchandiser has a capacity up to 2,000 lbs. Emergency Ice can even provide a logistics team to manage large special events. This does come at an additional cost.

Ask Us About Our Trailer Sizes for Your Event

We have various size event trailers that are ideal for all types of events. Our trucks and trailers are outfitted to help you run your event without any concerns about your ice. You can have enough ice available to suit all of your ice needs.

Emergency Ice offers a convenience trailer. This is a double door freezer with a 2,000 lb. capacity. It runs on 12 amps electric. If that doesn’t quite make it, we have an event trailer. This swing-door trailer holds up to 6,000 lbs. of ice and requires 20 amps of electric.

Our ice delivery services include a roll-up back door event trailer, The Boss, which holds 10,000 lbs. of ice. This is a 15ft trailer.

Moving on up the scale for large ice delivery, Emergency Ice has the Pup Trailer. This 32ft long trailer holds a whopping 32,000 lbs. If your event requires even more, we can deliver 40,000 lbs. of ice in a 53ft full-size trailer.

Let Emergency Ice Help Make Your Next Event Cooler

No matter what your needs, we have your bag of ice or your trailer. Contact Emergency Ice to handle you ice delivery service for your next event. Our friendly and efficient staff will deliver and pickup the specific ice trailer you need.

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