How to Cool Your Room With Ice in a Pinch

Fan Blowing Ice to Cool Room

Let’s face it, it’s been one of the hottest summers on record in Texas. The last thing your family wants to experience is a broken AC in 100-plus-degree level heat waves.

Unfortunately, this is always a risk when the heat turns up outside, and it’s a good idea to be prepared. Rather than going out and buying a portable AC that skyrockets your energy bill, cool down your room between repairs the easy way with bagged ice delivery from Emergency Ice.

Step 1: Take Room Conditions Into Consideration

Before ordering your ice delivery, ensure you know your room’s logistics. Every situation is different and requires specific ice amounts to effectively cool down a room.

Some room logistics to consider are:

  • The size of the room (the larger it is, the more ice you’ll need)
  • How hot the room is before you implement our cooling method
  • Whether or not ventilation is present that will melt the ice faster

Step 2: Fill a Large Bowl With Ice

Next, grab a large mixing bowl for each room that you need to cool down. Whether you order crushed or cubed ice, ensure that you have enough to fill the bowl to the rim and more on the side to replenish melted ice.

After filling the bowl with ice, we recommend placing some towels beneath the bowl just in case of spills.

Step 3: Pick the Right Fan for the Job

To make this process effective, purchase a non-oscillating fan that operates from the floor. Then place the fan directly behind your ice bowl, where its propellors will push cool air from the ice.

Remember, heat rises, and the coolness of your bagged ice won’t be able to literally rise to the occasion if you rely on a taller fan or ceiling fan for this experiment.

Step 4: Aim for the Area You Want to Cool

Now that you have the right fan, aim it to the area you want to be cooled down. This step is pretty straightforward, but hitting the active spots of your home will help keep your family cool until your AC repairman comes.

Step 5: Turn the Fan On at the Right Setting

If your room is large, you’ll want your fans to be on a high setting for adequate cooling. However, smaller rooms could get away with cooling at lower settings.

If your room has a ceiling fan, we recommend putting it on in reverse so that it pulls up the air from your DIY AC and cools down your room faster.

Step 6: Monitor Your Ice Levels

Finally, as the ice melts, empty out your bowl and replenish its contents with new bags of ice you’ve stored in your freezer or ice box.

Stay Cool This Summer with Emergency Ice

If you find yourself in a hot mess this summer and need to cool down, trust Emergency Ice to help you out. Our Ice delivery services are quick and effective. We guarantee your order will move through our system fast and get the ice you need to be delivered on time.

Contact us today to learn more about our ice options and set up your first Emergency Ice Delivery.

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