How is Artificial Snow Made?

When you watch the Winter Olympics, you might wonder how the weather cooperates so perfectly so that athletes can compete in events like skiing, the bobsled run, and ice skating. It may interest you to know that much of the snow at the Sochi Olympics in Russia was artificially created and then delivered via ice delivery because the weather was rather warm during the Games.

Making artificial snow actually requires a specific process. It’s not just a matter of taking some water and freezing it (that would simply result in a bunch of ice cubes rather than actual snow). And it might interest you to know that real snow isn’t purely water anyway. It actually begins when a speck of dust is caught in the air and is surrounded by ice crystals that eventually make the speck so heavy that it falls from the cloud.

Did you know?

Artificial or “man-made” snow is different in composition from nature-made snow. Natural snow is four times less dense than artificial snow, and it’s also much softer than man-made snow. Artificial snow can be up to fifty times harder than natural snow.

Creating Artificial Snow

To recreate the process that nature accomplishes so elegantly, it takes a special method and machines to ensure the artificial snow can be used for its intended purpose (skiing competitions in the Olympics, for example).

When it’s necessary to cover a slope on a mountain with snow for people to use for skiing, artificial snow makers will use special snow-making machines that will launch super-cooled water into the air along with very small particles that will mimic the way snow is made naturally in the clouds.

The snow machines aren’t capable of launching the super-cooled water as high as actual clouds, however, so the water and particles have much less time to become snow. As a result, the man-made snow must come together much more quickly than natural snow and is much harder when it reaches the ground.

Did you know? Olympics organizers in Sochi had to make enough snow to cover 500 football fields in two feet of snow.

Is Artificial Snow Used Outside the Olympics?

Most ski resorts have to create artificial snow at one time or another due to drought conditions or a year that just doesn’t have as much snow as usual. Artificial snow is also a popular feature for holiday celebrations that take place throughout the winter where snow is needed but the weather isn’t cooperative, or the party is in a location where it doesn’t snow (like Florida).

Artificial snow is a versatile option for many occasions from parties and celebrations to businesses that need to overcome a season where snow hasn’t been quite so prevalent. From ski resorts that need to cater to guests to parents who want to give a child a snow party, artificial snow is an excellent answer to anyone’s need for a winter wonderland.

Do You Need Artificial Snow?

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