Handling Your Ice Safely After We’ve Left

Ice cubes

Ice cubesAt Emergency Ice, we strive to produce and deliver your ice with the highest safety standards set for our staff. However, once our ice hits your hands, ice machines, or storage bins, the integrity of your ice lies in your own safety practices.

Ice can easily be contaminated, and in a time when maintaining cleanliness is priority, some business owners may need a refresh on best practices for ice handling and storage. Here are some easy tips to follow as the need for ice ramps up during the summer months.

Just Store Ice!

Your ice storage bin is meant to store ice and that’s it! Ice contamination is common when you store more than just ice in an ice storage bin. This even includes storing your ice scooper in the container.

In order to maintain the integrity of the ice you’ve bought, remind your staff that the ice has a specific storage space. As far as the scooper goes, store that safely away from the storage bin and wash it thoroughly between uses.

Hands Off, Please!

Speaking of your ice scooper, that should be the only thing that is handling your ice. The only thing you and your staff should use your hands for is to grip the scooper’s handle. Never use your hands to move ice from the bin to its destination. Stay safe and let your scooper do the work.

Tips for Storing Outside of a Bin

Sometimes your ice may need to be transferred from its storage area to an external storage space like a bucket to hold beers for a table. Ensure these spaces are labeled as “ice only” and used once for their purpose. Afterward, thoroughly sanitize your containers for their next use.

Regularly Clean Your Storage Bins

Like any other storage container, your ice bins need to be regularly cleaned. Every few months, it’s a great idea to thoroughly clean and descale your ice bin or machine. This is considered a deep clean. However, your ice bins should regularly be cleaned every week or other week at the most.

Watch Where You Position Ice Storage

The positioning of your ice bins is also important to avoiding cross-contamination. Placement of your bins too close to areas like the refrigerator, countertops, or stoves can quickly increase the chances of cross-contamination.

Get Your Ice Delivery Needs Met with Emergency Ice

If your business or event needs a reliable company to deliver ice when you need it, Emergency Ice can help. We provide ice crushed, cubed, or even in blocks. Whatever your order requires, we will strive to complete as desired. Contact us today to schedule your next ice delivery.

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