A Few Good Valentines: Fresh Ideas for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is upon us again, and while restaurants stock up with Emergency Ice, we wanted to make a few suggestions of what to do this February 14th. Whether you’re single, dating, or have been married for years, now’s as good a time as any to do something different this Valentine’s Day.

Ideas for Couples with Single Friends

Found the love of your life? Spread the love around by throwing an awesome mixer party for the single friends you and your love have acquired over time. Open up your home for a board game night and serve light cocktails with ice-cold pours. Set up a Shot Block and make fresh margaritas or zesty mojitos. Crush ice, mint and lime with other fruits to make a variety of cocktails to loosen up your guests.

If your space is limited, or you’re simply playing matchmaker for the next perfect couple that doesn’t know it yet, modify the set-up. Stage a quick meet and greet before you all launch off to dinner or a nightclub. Kick the evening off with ice-cold cocktails and choose a designated driver for the evening.

How to Celebrate at Work

Because romance and work never mix, businesses typically don’t get to take advantage of a great time of year during the first quarter. Appreciation and gratitude goes far, and Valentines Day is a great time for a gratitude party. Use the conference room for a cool snack area with sandwiches, a variety of nuts, fresh fruit, iced tea and sparkling water. For an extra special treat, rent a snow cone machine or make fresh fruit smoothies and protein shakes with cube ice. You’ll need:

Make sure you have everything you need for the party! Pick up a couple of bags of ice, an ice block or reserve a Shot Block for the coldest ice pours. Call us at (214) 631-3535 to make an order.

Seek Out Family–Blood or Chosen

Valentine’s is a day of love, and it comes in many different forms. There’s familial love, agape love and passionate love for a spouse. If you don’t have a spouse, check out the other kinds of love. Have a mini-family reunion with a few cousins or aunts and uncles. Make sure you send flowers to your parents before pre-flighting a night out on the town with shots or icy cocktails.

Whether you’re hooked up or not, you still probably have plenty of friends who fly solo. Call them up and schedule dinner at your place. Stock your bar with cocktail ice and serve professional style drinks while you and your friends play catch-up and weigh in on how those New Year’s resolutions are going for each of you.

However you choose to spend Valentine’s Day, seek out friends and loved ones and spend some time with them. Whether you’re attached or not, chances are you’ll probably have a drink or two. Keep some cocktail ice on hand for the perfect cocktails or buy a few bags of ice to keep all that champagne cold for a romantic evening with that special someone. Call Emergency Ice for all of your ice needs.

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