Get Your Dallas Dry Ice Fix and MistyStix Here!


On sale now! DFW Emergency Ice is now offering a great deal on a remarkable new product, just in time for Halloween – MistyStix! For just $2.00 a stick, you can add a touch of class to your beverages, or a bit of spookiness to your Halloween event! MistyStix are dry ice swizzle sticks that create a long-lasting fog effect in your drink, while simultaneously keeping it ice cold! Fun, funky, and functional, MistyStix contain a small pellet of dry ice that will keep your beverage chilled and your friends discussing how COOL your party drinks are! MistyStix come in a variety of styles and colors, guaranteeing you’ll find the right product to match the atmosphere of your Halloween party or event.


Dry ice is extremely cold, enough to cause frostbite if not handled with care, and any children using MistyStix should be done so with adult supervision. If used responsibly, MistyStix will add excitement and aesthetic to any beverage. At Emergency Ice, we’ll provide the MistyStix, dry ice pellets, and handling instructions to ensure that you get the most out of your MistyStix. For more information, visit the MistyStix website, or contact DFW Emergency Ice on how to get your dry ice and MistyStix fix!


Call us now and pick up some Dallas dry ice for your Halloween party, today! 214.631.3535.

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