Happy Easter from Emergency Ice

Easter Sunday is less than one week away. We want to help you plan for all of your activities and events!

Family Parties

Many families have their own Easter traditions; some families go to grandma’s house, Sunday brunch, or the park. No matter your family tradition, you probably have a lot to plan and organize.

The traditional family meal may consist of ham, salad, side dishes, and the delicious deviled eggs. If you’re trying to think of something new, look up some new Easter Sunday recipes. If you and your family are going to brunch, be sure to make reservations; most restaurants that serve brunch for Easter get very busy and you want to make sure you have a table reserved for everyone at your favorite place. Going to the park for Easter is very popular as well, since it is spring and the weather tends to be so nice. You’ll want to pick a few local parks and call around to see who has an open pavilion to reserve; try to get a covered pavilion, just in case Mother Nature doesn’t play so nice on Easter Sunday.

While trying to plan everything, it’s easy to forget a few things. For large family or church events, Emergency Ice can deliver ice in Dallas and Fort Worth areas. If you just need ice bags or blocks of ice, be sure to stop by your local Emergency Ice box before you go to grandma’s house or the park.

Restaurant Events

As a restaurant owner or manager, you know very well that you and your team will be very busy for Easter Sunday. While you’re planning the menu, staffing, and food delivery, don’t forget about the ice delivery either.

While many families plan the traditional family meal for Easter, other families choose to go out for brunch or dinner. Although you may be able to plan how many will be eating at your restaurant based off reservations and previous year statistics, other factors may drastically change the situation. For instance, if the weather changes and it’s too wet or cold for families to go to the park or an outdoor family event, some families may decide to come to your restaurant to celebrate their Easter Sunday. You’ll also want to be prepared for the unexpected such as if you run out of ice, your ice machine breaks down, or your refrigeration system stops running. Never do you want the unexpected to happen, but it is best to be prepared for all situations, especially on busy holidays in the restaurant business.

As you prepare your Sunday brunch menu and staff, be sure to contact your Dallas ice company as well. Emergency ice delivery is our specialty; we can provide your restaurant or any establishment with ice blocks to preserve your food or ice bags to keep your patron’s drinks cold. While you are preparing your restaurant for the busy holiday, we are preparing our ice delivery service team for your phone call.

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