5 Unique Ice Molds for the Ice Cube Lover

Aside from the fact that water is an essential contribution to human survival, the fact that it can literally seep into any crack, shape, or mold should purely be fascinating. This fascination really kicks into high-gear when using ice molds to turn frozen water into unique shapes.

Take ice sculptures for example; these are brilliant works of art that an artist has created from a block of ice that was once a large tub of water. This piece of art could literally keep you alive if you needed it to, but there it is, in all of its glory, keeping you interested. This interest is why we as a society have a fondness for ice molds that are a few steps away from using the standard ice tray. Not all of us can be ice artists, but a unique mold can make you feel like one this holiday season. Here are seven of our favorite picks for unique ice molds that are sure to impress your friends at your next event.

Star Wars Ice Cubes

With the new Star Wars film, The Last Jedi, hitting theaters this December, now would be a fitting time to start ordering your specialty Star Wars molds. From the traditional Death Star, to molds of classic characters like Darth Vader and Chewbacca, there are several ideas on the internet for ways to spice up your next glass of Blue Milk.

Tiki Ice Molds

There is something refreshing about Tiki culture. After its rise in popularity in the 1950’s it seems to have just stuck with our society as a kitch way of thinking back on easier times and escapism. So for your next glass of Island Punch or Zombie cocktail, grab a vintage looking Tiki ice mold to add some character to what is already sure to be a unique drink.

Skull Ice Molds

These ice cubes are perfect for that member of your friend group who celebrates the macabre year-round. From Day of the Dead themed cubes, to Disney’s Haunted Mansion themed molds, there is something out there that is sure to please the creeper in your life. You won’t even have to search the Dark Web to find something this spooky at all times of the year.

Diamond Ring Ice Cubes

If you have an engagement coming up or a significant other that simply needs a push in the right direction, pick up a diamond ring shaped mold for a good smile. These are simple, yet elegant molds that are sure to get the message across. Enjoy some literal Patron on ice with these H20 karat cubes!

Turkey Cubes Are In This Season

What better way to lighten up your glass of Wild Turkey than with special turkey ice cubes as a fun touch? It is the season, after all, so get festive. Grab a turkey tray and help get your family and friends in the holiday spirit.

Emergency Ice Provides Special Ice Shapes

If you are in need of a specific ice shape that you just don’t want to have to wait for in the freezer, get in touch with Emergency Ice. As the premier Dallas ice services company, Emergency Ice will be glad to take care of your ice cube needs and deliver your specialty ice to you, ensuring that your next party remains a cool one. Give us a call today for more information on our ice cube delivery services in Dallas.

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