5 Top Health Benefits of Ice Cold Water

ice water

ice waterCold water may just seem like the preferred method of enjoying our favorite natural beverage, but satisfaction is really only the tip of the iceberg. At Emergency Ice, we believe in the product we make and understand that ice can help make water a health-boosting drink!

Here are some of the coolest ways that ice water can help give your health a little pep in its step!

Cold Water Gets Rid of Calories

Believe it or not, ice water helps get your metabolism moving. After a meal, drinking a couple of glasses of ice cold water forces your body into calorie-burning mode. In fact, drinking around 48 ounces of ice water per day can help your body naturally burn 50 extra calories per day.

Although this isn’t much on the surface, in the long-term, 50 calories adds up, and why not go for it? After all, it doesn’t take much effort to enjoy a glass of cold water.

Improves Workout Impact and Recovery

Drinking cold water is useful during a heated workout because it keeps you hydrated while you sweat it out. Hydration allows you to push harder without overheating.

Also, spending some time in an ice cold bathtub after your workout allows your body to recover faster and helps combat muscle soreness. Beat down muscle stiffness and inflammation to ensure that your body will quickly be ready for its next workout.

Faster Rehydration

If you tend to feel dehydrated more often, you should switch up your water intake by adding a little ice to it. Although room temperature water will still do the trick for combating dehydration, ice water has been proven to be absorbed into the stomach faster, therefore, resolving symptoms faster.

Cold Water is Great for Your Immune System

When your body is exposed to cold water, even for a couple of minutes a day, the immune system goes to work. The slight stress that cold water brings to the body allows for the creation of more infection-fighting white blood cells.

Ice Water Detoxes the Body

With so many people trying out detox diets these days, the easiest solution has always been clear. Ice water helps remove toxins within your body. Drinking at least 8 glasses of ice water a day could easily help you take better care of what’s going on inside your body.

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