5 Animals That Live in Ice and Snow

At Emergency Ice, we love all things cold, especially snow and different types of ice. In Dallas, these wintery elements are not seen very often. So it is interesting when we think about regions where ice and snow are parts of everyday life.

Places like Antarctica, The North Pole, and many more collectively make up what is knowns as “The Frozen Continent”. Here, 98 percent of the surface is covered with some form of snow or ice. This makes it harder for humans to live there. However, there are some snow animals who thrive in ice and snow.

5 Cute Arctic Animals Living in Icy Places

Living in the coldest part of the world, these 5 resourceful (and cute) animals have adapted to live and thrive in the cold place they call home.

1) Polar Bear

Polar Bears are one of the most well-known Arctic animals. Although they can reach up to eight feet in height and weigh more than 1,600 pounds, they are known for their cuddly physique.

Another famous characteristic of polar bears is their beautiful white fur. Underneath, they have black skin which helps them soak in the sunlight better. Polar bears also have webbed feet that help them swim hundreds of miles from water to land.

2) Penguins

Along with Polar Bears, penguins are also widely recognized amongst the Arctic wildlife. These cute creatures may be small but they are fast. Some species of Penguins can swim up to 22 miles per hour! Penguins tend to breed in large colonies which can include up to a thousand birds.

How do these small animals stay warm in the frigid temperatures of the Arctic? They rely on their blubber to help insulate the warm air.

3) Arctic Hare

Just like the bunnies we know in the United States, Arctic Hares also twitch their noses. However, Arctic Hares have the inept ability to live in cold temps.

When they sleep, Arctic Hares dig holes to help keep them warm. They also are able to hop pretty fast. In fact, they use their hind legs just like kangaroos do to help them outrun their predators.

4) Harp Seal

Found in the Arctic Ocean are Harp Seals. Often referred to as Saddleback’s Harp Seals are identified by their white, snow white coats.

Harp Seals have adapted so well to ice and snow that their lives virtually revolve around these elements. They actually prefer to spend most of their time in the water and can remain fully submerged for up to 15 minutes.

5) Arctic Fox

The Arctic Fox can withstand arctic weather because of the thick fur on its body and paws. This also allows them to walk on ice and snow, as well as conserve heat.

The Arctic Fox has made many adaptions to survive in their rigid homes. In fact, the Arctic Fox can hear the exact location of its prey… even when they are buried beneath the snowy tundra.

Live Like These Artic Animals

These 5 animals have mastered how to live in the Arctic where ice and snow remain is the norm. Whether you need ice delivery in Dallas or Fort Worth, we can help you recreate the arctic experience.

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